African american for Springfield Illinois woman

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Springfield Massacre. Source: Chronicling Illinois. As described at BlackPast. Some Springfield Blacks fought back in self-defense. They shot back when fired upon, and the first victim of the lynch mob, Scott Burton, used his shotgun in an attempt to save his life and home. The second victim lynched was an year-old cobbler named William Donegan, whose reputation had been tainted in the eyes of the mob by the fact that he had been married to a white woman for over 30 years.

When the carnage finally ended six Black people were shot and killed, two were lynched and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property destroyed. About two thousand Black people were driven out of the city of Springfield as a result of the riot.

The Springfield riot stands as a prototype for the many smaller riots that left communities all-white between andmost of which have never been written about by any historian. Buffalo Sharp Shooters. Teach outside the textbook about the legacy of Springfield and related events in Tulsa, Memphis, Rosewood, Slocum, and beyond. Springfield was one of countless massacres in U. By Linda Christensen.

African american for Springfield Illinois woman

Students need to learn the hidden history of the Tulsa Massacre and how this links to racial wealth inequality today. The racist riots of happened years ago this summer. Confronting a national epidemic of white mob violence, was a time when Black people defended themselves, fought back, and demanded full citizenship in thousands of acts of courage and daring, small and large, individual and collective. Search for:.

African american for Springfield Illinois woman

La Guerra con Mexico Teaching Activity. By Bill Bigelow. Translated by Floralba Vivas. Rethinking Schools. Handout in Spanish for the U. Mexico War Tea Party. By Alan J. How a teacher and his students organized a tour of the hidden history of slavery in New York.

By Thom Thacker and Michael A. An art contest is used as the basis from which students can examine primary historical documents advertisements for runaway slaves to gain a deeper understanding of the institution of slavery in the North. Lesson by Bill Bigelow and student reading by Howard Zinn. Interactive activity introduces students to the history and often untold story of the U. Roles available in Spanish. By Gilda L. Reflections on teaching students about the walkouts by Chicano students in California. A role play on the history of the Vietnam War that is left out of traditional textbooks.

By Bill Bigelow and Linda Christensen. Empathy, or "social imagination," allows students to connect to "the other" with whom, on the surface, they may appear to have little in common. Rethinking the U. By Bob Peterson. A role play on the Constitutional Convention which brings to life the social forces active during and immediately following the American Revolution with focus on two key topics: suffrage and slavery.

African american for Springfield Illinois woman

By Doug Sherman. The author describes how he uses biographies and film to introduce students to the role of people involved in the Civil Rights Movement beyond the familiar heroes. He emphasizes the role and experiences of young people in the Movement. Related Resources.

Teaching Activities Free. Teaching Activity. By Ursula Wolfe-Rocca. In this activity, students take on the role of activist-experts to improve upon a Congressional bill for reparations for Black people. If We Knew Our History. Books: Non-Fiction. Book - Non-fiction. By James Loewen. This Day in History. White workers murdered Black workers in Arkansas who were coming to work on the railways. Citizens in the small, predominately African American town of Slocum, Texas, were massacred.

White mobs, incited by the media, attacked the African American community in Washington, D. This was one of the many violent events that summer and it was distinguished by strong and organized Black resistance to the white violence. Sparked by a white police officer's refusal to make an arrest in the murder of a Black teenager, Chicago's Red Summer violence lasted almost a week. At least 38 people were killed and thousands of Black homes were looted and damaged.

Black farmers were massacred in Elaine, Arkansas for their efforts to fight for better pay and higher cotton prices.

African american for Springfield Illinois woman

A white mob shot at them, and the farmers returned fire in self-defense. Estimates range from killed, and 67 survivors were indicted for inciting violence. In what became known as the Tulsa Massacre, white supremacists destroyed a thriving Black community in Oklahoma. This is one of countless white supremacist massacres in U. The Rosewood Massacre was the white supremacist destruction of a Black town and the murder of many of its residents.

African american for Springfield Illinois woman

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In Land of Lincoln, Long-Buried Traces of a Race Riot Come to the Surface