Average guy looking for fwb

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Average guy looking for fwb

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Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 6 years ago 1. This isn't a thread to judge people on. I'm I dress well, my career intentions are medicine and then politics and I make music and I DJ. How do I get a friend with benefits? Not what you're looking for? Boo-Urns Badges: 9. Report 6 years ago 2. Report 6 years ago 3. Original post by Anonymous This isn't a thread to judge people on. Zarek Badges: Report 6 years ago 4. Forget it mate. Report Thread starter 6 years ago 5.

Original post by Zarek Forget it mate.

Average guy looking for fwb

Report 6 years ago 6. Report 6 years ago 7. As a student you are not important so it's down to your looks. King Boo Badges: Report 6 years ago 8. Find a horny girl who you get on with. Talk about sex every now and again to see how she reacts, if its positive and she's kinda into, make sure she is suggest it.

Just be like, well if you're ever up for a bit of casual fun, i am too I wouldn't say I'm a 10 or anything special, apparently I rate between a 7 - 8. Its never unattainable. Having a large member helps too. Report 6 years ago 9. Original post by mario2 won't happen unless youre very good looking or important in society. Report 6 years ago Mankytoes Badges: 8. Alaric III Badges: I do - it's not about looks, it's about confidence.

Especially in a FWB situation, people are looking for fun, and it's more important to be fun than look great but have no substance. Original post by Mankytoes You're DJing, so you should be talking to lots of girls.

Average guy looking for fwb

Bring up sex in conversation like it's no thing, and look for the reaction, you're looking for girls who are similarly unphased. A lot of girls won't consider this, they'll consider it slutty, or they only have sex in relationships. But there are plenty of girls who, for whatever reason, don't want relationships, and nearly everyone wants sex.

Don't try to shag them after a party, get their and invite them round the next day, make it flirty, they'll understand the intention. Remember this is a friend with benefits, few women are going to appreciate being treated like a free hooker, chat with her a while, watch something on your laptop or whatever. It goes without saying that the sex has to be good, as this is the main component of the partnership.

This is likely to be your biggest hurdle as you're young and, I'm assuming as you're asking for advice on here, inexperienced.

Average guy looking for fwb

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