Beautiful day to chat

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Beautiful Days is one of my favourite festivals, and I think a lot of my fellow Oxfam stewards agree with me. We travelled down on the Wednesday again this year thanks to Caroline for the lift, and Louise was also sharing the lift! Fraser and Clare, who had come straight from working at Boardmasters and Boomtown, had saved places for our tents, and soon we were drinking ale to toast our arrival before heading to our briefing.

To finish things off, we had a go at writing three line haiku poems, and here are some of them! It was still raining, but it soon dried out, and Graham was soon in his element, giving stewards new to Beautiful Days a guided tour of the festival. We stopped for a drink at the Bimble Inn, and once again, I sampled just a half the cider which had got me back on my feet on Sunday night at Glastonbury.

Beautiful day to chat

When we approached the bar, we were completely astounded by the sea of fezes, and we were soon chatting to fellow chat group members and having a great time. Jeremy was quick to spot this — and he promised that he would read the book. I hope he does! Anyway, it was soon time to get to grips with reality and start my first shift, the Thursday night night shift. We knew that we had to be vigilant: Thursday night is usually the worst night for thefts from tents at festivals, when people have relaxed and let their guards down. We started to find tents that had been unzipped.

She was understandably very upset, and I called security to help us out and we reported the theft to the on-site police. Reports came of four men, wearing black, lurking around between tents and running away when challenged. When my shift ended, I needed to wind down with friends, and gulp down some rum before I could sleep.

I hoped that the thieves would all be caught and that the crime victims would be able to get on with enjoying the festival. I almost ed in with their conversation, but I wanted to at least pretend to myself that I was sleeping. Their set was brilliant — lots of obscure oldies thrown in, as well as big hits. Then we headed over to the main stage, where we enjoyed Skinny Lister. There was a bit of a disaster during their set when the PA system went down, but the band rose to the occasion with an epic drum solo and the other musicians disappearing into the crowd to continue playing, and then triumphantly returning onto the stage as the sound returned!

I was excited about the Undertonesas they are one of my favourite punk bands, with classic sing-along songs, including the rightly famous Teenage Kicks. They were brilliant, and I tried to start the most gentle mosh pit ever in their honour! Then we had a crisis — our beloved Dreadzone clashed with the Bad Shepherds, featuring Adrian Edmonson. It was worth it. The Bad Shepherds are the brainchild of comedian Adrian Edmonson, who decided to form a band to play 70s punk and new wave classics as traditional Celtic folk songs.

It sounds like a crazy idea, but it works beautifully, and Adrian Edmonson now considers the Bad Shepherds to be his main career. The 19th century banjo song was amazing — with a real African sound. They were playing a recreated banjo — the kind that slaves would have played, and it was a really haunting moment.

The dress was beautiful I want one! Definitely one of my Beautiful Days highlights. We stayed around for a bit of the amazing Tinariwen, playing their desert blues from Mali, but I was feeling a bit sleepy after my night shift, and their music was putting me in a bit too much of a trance.

I was in the mood for something a bit more lively, and we found what we were looking for in the Bimble Inn. Simeon Lenoir is a solo musician, strumming Latin rhythms on his guitar, spreading love and romance in his sparkly shirt, and calling up audience members to pretend to be various jungle creatures. Fantastic fun! Bright and early on Saturday morning, I started my shift, after a rather epic shower where I lost all track of time. Luckily, there was no queue! But I was soon back to work, helping out in the family camp site, and making sure that all the stewards up fire towers got their breaks.

After the gig, I even met up with some of the organisers of Bearded Theory festival. I just had a pleasant time, wandering around and chatting to people. No, not the Levellers, but the red squirrelswho have their own piece of woodland, safe from the competitive greys. Festival-goers are welcome to visit the squirrels, which are usually part of the country park at Escot they also have beavers which have been introduced into the wild! I opened and shut the double gates carefully, and walked down the raised wooden walkway. The squirrels were quite active, digging in the undergrowth and running around, and I was instantly entranced.

As I leaned on the top of the fence surrounding the walkway, a squirrel shot up the fence post from the ground, looked me straight in the eye, then ran towards me to take an experimental nibble on my elbow, before shooting off. I was absolutely smitten. I think this blurred picture of Seeed is really good, but you might disagree! Thrilled to bits, I returned to camp to fetch more ale and cider. It was going to be Beautiful day to chat big Beautiful Days night!

Louise reached fever-pitch for Seeeda German reggae band. I was initially a little sceptical, but they were a lot of fun, with catchy songs, even though their choreographed dances were a little cheesy. And then out came the drummers — a whole row of guys with snare drums, dancing and twirling their glow-in-the-dark sticks with perfect timing.

Beautiful day to chat

It was brilliant. A bit Kraftwerk, with their sharp suits and ties. Absolutely mesmerising. The next part of the evening perfectly sums up Beautiful Days. The new singer of the Dead Kennedys annoyed a few people in the audience by thinking that he could win a British audience over by commenting on our politics, but when they played the well-known songs, the crowd went wild.

After the main stage finished, I ended up in the main bar, where the DJ was playing funk and soul classics, and I bumped into my old school friend Mary, who now lives in Exeter and is a Beautiful Days stalwart. Then Fraser appeared, resplendent in his Rave Panda outfit, which was proving to be a big hit already.

And a legend was born! But luckily, Rave Panda went down well with Mary and everyone Beautiful day to chat he met. Despite a late night on Saturday, I was awake bright and early on Sunday morning, ready to put on black and white fancy dress for the dressing up theme, and black and white nail varnish too!

But what I really wanted to do was to see the red squirrels again. So I managed to persuade Fraser to come with me. This time, we were lucky enough to coincide with the daily talk by one of the nature rangers — the lady talking to us about the squirrels brought nuts in her pocket and in a bag, and even though most of the squirrels seemed to be hiding or maybe having a lie-in after a night of raving!

The squirrel kept doing this, and she even sniffed my newly-applied nail varnish and scampered over my hand! The ranger explained that red squirrels are actually really shy, and that if you picked one up, it would probably die of shock. They also have a very specialist diet, so bringing food for them into the enclosure is strictly forbidden and has actually killed squirrels in the past. After our encounter, we had lunch at the Escot Park cafe in the old stable block, a brilliant haven at the festival, with sofas, and flushing toilets. We headed to the band stand, where the fancy dress competition was about to take place.

Beautiful day to chat

Fraser had forgotten his Rave Panda outfit, so he felt very under-dressed, surrounded by hundreds of people in their black and white finery. Everyone who was in fancy dress had to parade in front of the stage, in front of the judging panel, which involved Jeremy Leveller himself. We were also impressed by a chain gang of about twenty people, who really were chained together, and if any of them had to leave the chain gang to visit the portaloo! Watching the Bar Stewards in appropriate knitwear.

And then it was time for the hotly anticipated set by the Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonicana comedy folk band who have been gathering supporters in huge s including Frank Turner and Simon Friend from the Levellers. The black and white crowd was absolutely huge. Luckily, we were quite near the front, but we had a whale of a time, singing along to the daft choruses. It was time to start work again, and Oxfam were being gentle with me again. I was working on a wrist-band check point behind the theatre stage, telling people not to walk up a vehicle-only route back towards the exit.

I caught another great South Yorkshire band, Reverend and the Makersbefore patrolling into the main arena to catch a bit of Jimmy Cliff and the Levellers. I could also hear the music from my stewarding position, so it was a good night. I even managed to be in the arena when the fireworks went off, which was excellent. Off-duty Oxfam stewards in fancy dress be very afraid! At Beautiful Days, all workers, crew and artists are warmly invited backstage, and the music is always great.

Beautiful day to chat

At 4am, we were finally kicked out, and we reluctantly made our way to our tents, not wanting the festival to end. The Levellers round off the Sunday night of a magical festival. We set off fairly early on Monday morning, surprising even ourselves with our ability to pack our belongings and tents away quickly, but Caroline, the lady giving us a lift, had to drive all the way to Newcastle. Sadly, later that day, we heard the news that two workers had been seriously injured later on Monday morning when a telehandler similar to a forklift truck fell over onto its side with a man in cherrypicker basket.

I hope that they both make a full recovery. Beautiful Days is the festival where I feel most at home. I love the music, I love the people who go to the festival, and I love the fact that as a worker there, I can swan about backstage, and mingle with the artists in the camp site too! But now I think that my favourite celebrities there are the red squirrels…. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Beautiful day to chat

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