Bored and married for sexting flirting

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I was once in a long distance relationship and only got to see my partner during the weekend. No doubt our long distance relationship was difficult but I loved it for a specific reason. It also gave us room to miss, want, and crave each other.

Bored and married for sexting flirting

I call them experiments because we needed to know what worked for us; what sounded too vulgar or what sounded right. With time, sexting became more exciting, spontaneous and we got comfortable doing it.

Bored and married for sexting flirting

It became an intimate thing we both shared. I know some people think sexting is weird, boring or disrespectful towards women, but who says it has to be trashy or something that objectifies women? Sexting is supposed to be a light and fun activity between two consenting adults who understand that it stays between two consenting adults.

Sexting is a personal decision. I suggest you sext someone you trust e. Before you sext your crush, do your research and make sure he is actually a good person and not pretending to be a nice guy. It never ends in a good way! Share your fantasies and know theirs.

The best way to get someone to open up about themselves is to tell them something about yourself. In this case, if you want your partner to share their fantasies, you have to share yours — delve deeper into your desires to know what turns you on and tell it to them. Your partner might feel adamant sharing their hidden desires but assure them that fantasies are healthy and first-class tickets out of gruesome effects of adulthood.

Sexting is almost the same as physical intimacy so you have to be as facile with their fantasies as you are with your own. But before any revelation, give each other time to be familiar with yourselves. If you are shy to ask them about their fantasies, that just means you need to invest more time in getting to know them. Think sensual, not sexual.

Tell a sensual story but remember that you and your partner both have starring roles and every scene must in fact be imaginable and attainable. They listen to whatever you tell them, they envision whatever you plant in their head. It is also best not to plunge head-first. Start slow, go with the flow and let the conversation naturally build up on its own.

You want your messages to be tasteful and not repulsive. Sexting is flirting on steroids. Say what you want to do to them and what you want them to do to you. Sexting is a two-way street. It needs to feel like you both want to do this, which means no smileys and no one-word replies. Pay attention to the sext, is one person doing most of the talking? Or is it conversational? Nothing kills a sext faster than a boring and effortless conversation. If you reply with only smileys, the conversation will eventually turn sour and awkward.

Show your interest by being creative with your response. By showing how interested you are, it will help you gain their full attention. Reply with full sentences —unless you are busy. Keep it timely; keep it engaging, keep it coming. Explain in detail. Express yourself, describe your feelings and what actions you will take. Words are your friends, use them to your advantage.

Then I hungrily unbutton your shirt as you kiss and bite my lips, sending electricity down my spine. The more detailed the sext, the better. Multi-media complements it. It is important to never send nudes to men that beg for them pictures or videos. That is gutter behaviour and should be frowned upon. Sending pictures or videos makes sexting more fun but it should be on your terms.

Remember that you are a decapitated torso when you are sexting; that is to say, never send your body and head together. Crop out your face in any multimedia you send even if you feel like you trust your partner. Better safe than sorry. Just make sure any picture you send should be a 10 and nothing but a Work your angles, put in more effort into finding the right lighting and background that flatters your body type. You can also look out for inspirations on Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr. Everyone should have boundaries when it comes to sexting.

Bored and married for sexting flirting

If you feel like you trust your partner enough to send them a nude, then do you. Like I said it is your choice.

Bored and married for sexting flirting

Also please avoid taking pictures that can be tied back to you i. Go after the jerk because leaking nudes is a criminal offence that could result in a prison term of up to five years and more. Confidence saves the day. Confidence is something we all have to work on individually.

Since you will mostly be using words and images, you have to be confident in what you say and how you look. I know sometimes anxiety can be a killer, but being self-confident exudes an undeniable sex appeal. The thing about our brain is that we can make it believe whatever we want to. You just have to train it. To act confident is to be confident. As women, we are supposed to always be the submissive ones, but lucky for us, there are no rules when it comes to sexting — you want to be submissive?

Go ahead! You want to be a femme fatale? You can be whoever you want; create the persona and act the part. Tease Tease Tease. Mastering the art of teasing is the best and easiest way to build sexual tension and attraction. You can tease your partner by rewarding him simply because they were on their best behaviour. Be spontaneous. Newsflash, there is no timetable and since sexting is digital, it can be done anywhere, at anytime i. Whether you are sexting your boyfriend of eight months or your husband of two years, it is imperative to add a bit of spontaneity to the mix because it makes things more exciting.

Bored and married for sexting flirting

Finding the right balance is key. Be occasional, be natural. Practice makes better.

Bored and married for sexting flirting

Finding inspirations from erotic novels or movies will teach you how to use well-crafted messages in a sensual but totally different way. Experience will allow you find an optimum equilibrium between storytelling, teasing and spontaneity. As with anything else, the more effort you put into learning and practicing, the easier sexting will become. Be free and live in the moment.

Bored and married for sexting flirting

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