Chatting 2 Scone

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I would definitely say you'd need 3 of my scones to equal some of the big yokes I have seen in cafes. In fact there is one local cafe I sometimes visit and I have a brown scone for lunch! It is so big that you wouldn't need anything else until dinner time. Now it's not the best lunch but it's brown with lots of seeds so not the worst but definitely big enough as a meal in itself, way ott as a mid morning snack. Thanks so much evfor Rhine. After reading the thre, I am not far off with th recipes but fpdefinwt ly th k it's my technique. Will let more air in, not roll the dough and make them thicker.

Can I just ask, do you use butter or margarine. I use the stork in The yellow tub - says it's for cakes and pastry but does not get hard in The fridge. Wondering if butter would be preferable. My post below is showing up blank on my phone, not sure if it can be seen. I'm not a fan of margarine. I would still use stork margarine. Have it in the fridge always. I use the Odlums recipe aswell, makes a lovely scone. If you must use margarine use the block as it's similar in texture to butter, well kind of!

Use it very cold just like with pastry, I usually use the processor to rub in the butter as my thumbs aren't great and the action of rubbing in is awkward for me. Few quick pulses of machine does same job. Grate the butter into the mixture, dont leave it to get warm And handle it as little as possibe.

Chatting 2 Scone

I HATE the feeling of rubbing the butter and flour. Like it nearly makes me feel ill. I never make pastry or scones as a result. The idea of grating it cold sounds good- I p then it's just a light mix with the flour? If you dont grate it chop it in the mixing bowl using two knives It will just bind to the flour if it gets warm, you want the mixture to resemble breadcrumbs.

Your scones will be very dense and uncooked in the centre if the mix isnt right. I never get the rubbing in bit right either. Always feel some of the flour has not mixed with the Butter. Good idea to use the food processor. Have my real butter out of the fridge now to try to make scones later - all excited Will report back. Thanks for all the tips - if I could I'd have ye all around for a cuppa and a scone. Sorry to break it to you SarahBC, but I would put the butter back into the fridge, its supposed to be fridge cold, hard as can be, to be rubbed correctly into the flour.

Room temp butter is way too soft, and in my experience, prevents a decent rise in the scone. The egg can be at room temp though I don'tbut definitely not the butter. I add Chatting 2 Scone cranberries to mine instead of raisins or sultanas, as they are lovely and tart, and always use buttermilk.

The mixture needs to be as dry ad possible, the more wet the dough is, the more dense the scone is. Fleury is right, put the butter back in the fridge, it needs to be cold and solid. In fact I used to use the grating method too before I had a processor and I used to put the butter in the freezer for a while before grating. Seperation and 3 young children- house an issue. By Flem1 hour ago. By Brigid3420 hours ago. By erinfxox21 hours ago. CUMH and restrictions. By Babybop23 hours ago.

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Chatting 2 Scone

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Forums Recent Posts Register. In search of the perfect scone recipe. Last Post. Reply Quote. I'm going to try this later. If adding raisins, about how much? Butter all the way Reply Quote. Two small is much better than one big But a big one with nice jam is OK. I'm not a fan of margarine Reply Quote. SAmade, I just throw in a few handfuls of fruit. So really depends on my mood!

Chatting 2 Scone

Now I want to bake, but have no flour in. Always use butter for baking. Lift your hands out of the mixing bowl to get as much air as possible into the scone mix. Dont touch the butter until you start mixing it in. Homemade scones are divine. Please or Register to reply to this topic.

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Chatting 2 Scone

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Chatting 2 Scone

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