Everton MO bi horney housewifes

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What part of "open wound" and "bleeding" was I not clear about? People regularly have injuries to their mouth, either through eating or flossing, bad hygiene or dental problems. A doctor, dentist or other health professional tell you to be cautious if you have as little as a canker sore let alone what I've mentioned. But Starbucks? Big fucking deal.

Everton MO bi horney housewifes

You can make your own coffee a lot easier than make your own software, OS or radio station. No, I don't like Starbucks, but then again, I think the fact that they do such a roaring business and yet people are carrying enormous amounts of personal debt is a reflection on the consumers' problems, not on starbucks. I'll go back to the money forum now. If you wanna talk me your and a pic and I'll text you back. And I'm straight so women only please. Aromas CA adult personals a vegetarian.

Part of the early animal rights movement as defined by philosopher Singer was based on the ideas that any creature that has "interests" has self and that all creatures are equal in opposition to the old Western concept of Scala Naturae or the natural order. I agree with the first concept but not the second. I don't think of a fetus as an autonomous human being and I just don't think that all are equally sentient. Unlike vegans I could give a crap about insects. However I feel that the concept of a "soul" or something beyond the physical applies to all mammals.

They care for their, they mourn, they have dream sleep. Anybody who has had a dog or cat knows they have feelings. So all mammals have "humanity" to an extent that I'm not comfortable eating them. They might not have language and reasoning abilities to the extent people do but they have all the qualities that comprise "humanity" or a "soul" grief, happiness, dream states, an internal reality, theory of mind to the extent of being sensitive to other's feelings and needs.

Most people define "humanity" in relation to emotions not reasoning ability. To err on the side of caution I don't eat birds either. But reptiles and insects just aren't in the same realm of consciousness for me to be equally empathetic to them. There is a school of thought that all the great apes which includes us should be considered humans.

Everton MO bi horney housewifes

I tend to agree with this for several reasons. Considering them human and their extinction genocide might help to combat the bushmeat trade and other factors that threaten them. Just as we'd err on the side of caution with a very retarded or injured person we might want to err on the side of caution with them and assume they have an internal life just like ours but just can't speak about it. Free local porn Carolina Puerto Rico.

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She wears a cute uniform. The fo attendant welcomes you: What this is: an international online discussion forum for queer women. What this isn't: IM, a chat room, a pick-up spot, a place for personalor the bi forum.

Everton MO bi horney housewifes

If your issues are strictly bisexuality, or about your own "bi-curiosity," try the bi forum. That lets you what most of us, which are posts from all over tarnation, not just your hometown. You'll several conversations, or "thre," in progress. Click on a line to read the body of text. If you want to reply to that post, click "reply to post," and once completed your reply appear under the post dots to the right.

When you click "compose new thread" you're "top-posting," which is only done to begin a new topic of conversation. You're most welcome to participate in the conversations already in progress a good way to get started. The little red or green you sometimes beside a post are ratings.

Everton MO bi horney housewifes

Ratings are a way for forum folk to indicate their agreement or disagreement with a post without actually posting a response. There's a little "rate" link at the top of the right hand window. We talk about much everything. And tangents are common but outright thread hijacking is considered rude. It's a varied group in here. Sometimes we get "trolls," baiters, and people cruising for a threesome, and often that brings out the creativity of the regulars or a flock of dragonflies. Text, sext.

I'm bored to tears. Anyone up for a little texting? Maybe more?

Everton MO bi horney housewifes

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