Exhibitionist married couple

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My husband and I started innocently shopping for sexy clothes I could wear, shortly after we were married. We found this upscale adult shop in a nearby town and that was the birth place of our exhibitionism. One day, we went in search of some hot nasty bedroom lingerie that I could parade around in front of my man.

Exhibitionist married couple

We pulled into the parking lot at Lucys Exclusive Adult Shop, we were buzzed into the private two story shop and was amazed at what we saw and heard. The first floor was your typical adult shop with xxx books, movies, toys and private movie viewing booths, as the movie audio could be heard all over the store. There were lots of people on the first floor looking around at all the items on display as we walked up the spiral stairway to the Adult Fashion Wear Shop. It looked like a place that only strippers and prostitutes would want to shop, and that's why we fell in love it from the moment we strolled in.

Searching through the racks of Lingerie, Club Dresses and Skirts, I methodically picked out dresses and skirts that barely covered my ass, even when I just standing. They were so sleek and short I just had to try on a several items, including the lingerie I was there for. The dressing rooms were logistically placed across the back wall, with a lounging area for others to relax in. The dressing area hallway was completely covered in mirrors, as every possible angle was viewable from any location.

I chose the changing room furthest from the chairs, walking away, I noticed Poppy ed a couple guys sitting there waiting for wives or girlfriends. Selecting a sexy Brazilian Low cut red thong and a top where you simply tucked your nipples into a piece of material. Tying the thin cord around my chest, I hollered " Ready or Not Poppy". Electricity shot through my body, as I wondered if I was actually ready to walk out there dressed like this? Was, I really ready to show them my entire ass, and my huge titties, except for the concealed hard nipples, I wondered as I llooked into the mirrors.

Steeping through the doorway, I could see several others were now sitting in the area and waiting for me to walk down the hallway. I could see them eyeing me up and down, looking at me just as hard as my Poppy was. Again, I felt the electricity flowing rampantly through my buzzing body I moved closer towards the onlooking group of strangers checking me out from top to bottom.

Looking at your smile, it was obvious that you liked what you saw, and you liked the others having the same view of my body even more. Eyes were peering at my viewable bouncing titties, leading them seductively to my thinly covered hardened nipples. In my own excitement, I could feel them pushing the thin material away showing the brown circular brown edge that surrounds it.

Others were now busy focusing on the extremely low cut thong front that rested just above my clean shaven pussy, with lusty eyes gazing at my protruding pouty lips. Slowly and intentionally I turned in a full circle, rocking my tempting ass as I walked back teasingly back towards the dressing room. I could see them talking to each other as I watched them in the mirror. Their eyes still locked on my prancing exposed ass Changing into another sexy outfit, I picked an ass length black shear teddy, black garter belt thong, and thigh high black fishnet stockings as my next ensemble to model.

Wow this is really hot looking I thought opening the door and extended one fishnet clad leg into the hall, as I looked into the mirror. All eyes seemed to be in approval, especially my Poppy, as he noticed the way I was kinda strolling and swishing my ass as they looked on. On the way, I stopped and turned to an opposite facing mirror.

I began to dance slowly while lifting the teddy up and over my ass.

Exhibitionist married couple

Feeling hot and sexy I turned and bent over, revealing my bare ass in the garter belt and stockings to my Poppy and the guys. This was the first time, in my life, I intentionally showed a part of my body to anybody but Poppy and liked it. I enjoyed the way it felt having them look at me, and the way Poppy enjoyed others looking at me, knowing that nobody else would have this.

I returned to the changing room, mmmm I was really getting into this, so I hollered for Poppy to come to the door. Grabbing the black micro mini skirt, and slipping it over my ass. Wow, that's short, seeing my ass cheek in the mirror, mmm I thought nastily. I opened the door, barely covering my massive titties with my hands, swaying towards my Poppy.

The front hem was just above my upper inner thighs, as my full ass was visible in the mirror with every step I took. I revealed one tit fully, before covering it back up immediately, then unveiling both huge titties as I leaned over to kiss you passionately knowing good and well that everybody had a full shot of my exposed ass and pussy and I LOVED IT. MMMM my pussy was getting wet and they saw it as well.

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Exhibitionist married couple

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Exhibitionist married couple

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