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There is a case for using car park charges as an income stream to invest in visitor infrastructure and also to encourage people to visit by public transport, but that is not what is happening in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. Nor has it challenged the record of parking fines Argyll and Bute Council imposed last summer see belowjust when people needed to get out in the National Park as never before.

These applications provide no explanation of the rationale for the cameras, how they fit with the wider visitor management context clue, there is no planhow much the LLTNPA intends to charge or any consideration of the consequences. These are all reasons to be very concerned. There is no planning application for Milarrochy, on the east shore of Loch Lomond, and the proposals there would appear to have been dropped — for the time being at least.

The applications, were submitted on 12th January and validated on 10th February. Both are scanty, providing little justification for the proposed developments and the one for Inveruglas see here is not fit for purpose:. While the De Statement states wrongly that the land is owned by Argyll and Bute Council, in the Land Ownership certificate which forms part of the Planning Application form Parking Eye state they have served notice on Scottish and Southern Energy as owners. The idea of car parks as a public service, necessary to assist people to enjoy the countryside, has completely disappeared.

Some of the potential adverse consequences have been pointed out by local people who have objected to the application at Tarbet where currently there are no car park charges :. The LLTNPA has ly discussed a system which would allow local people to be exempt from car parking charges, which might deal with the issues of the school run.

Other consequences, however, are less easy to address without a proper visitor management plan that covers the whole area:. The issue is well put by one of the objectors:. It is difficult to see how a company whose income is likely to be entirely dependent on the collection of charges could in future have any incentive to modify its contract with the LLTNPA to take of the wider public interest.

Added to this the local communities in Tarbet and Arrochar at present face severe economic and social challenges e. This completely disregards its statutory duty to support local communities in the National Park.

Free real chat with girl from Arrochar

Last year I had half wondered whether, after four years, the LLTNPA had finally seen sense and dropped its idea of trying to use car park charges as a revenue stream. The Committee Report see here reveals just how much money Argyll and Bute is extracting from visitors to the Loch Lomond area. All these fines would appear to have been issued to people who simply wanted to go for a walk in the countryside, in places where car parking infrastructure is inadequate and public transport often non-existent.

Neither Council appears to have re-invested any of the money they have extracted from visitors in remedying infrastructure deficits. The impact of all these charges and fines on the reputation of the National Park should not be underestimated.

If there are an average of 2. Anyone who has tried to avoid the extortionate charges at the Arrochar car park and then been fined for parking elsewhere is likely to have been left with a very sour taste in their mouth. All of this points to the need for a coherent transport plan for the National Park as a whole aimed at supporting, not penalising visitor.

Free real chat with girl from Arrochar

The long awaited Outdoor Recreation Plan see here could potentially provide a framework for this. However, as I have argued before, we also need more detailed area visitor management plans within the National Park, such as those that were developed for east Loch Lomond and the Trossachs before being abandoned when Gordon Watson was appointed Chief Executive.

Instead, what we have is our Public Authorities doing their own thing and without any regard for the public interest. Instead, they appear more interested in feathering their own nest. The reason the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park was created was to avoid this sort of free of all and ensure better co-ordination between public authorities, landowners and other stakeholders. Now it is actively adding to the problems by pushing ahead with initiatives like these planning applications without consideration of the wider public interest or how it could support the local community.

I am in favour of National Parks because of the power of the concept. People understand that National Parks should be different, that they are areas where the natural environment should come first but also areas which people should be supported to enjoy. If you want to comment on the applications you can do so here for Inveruglas and here for Tarbet. If you do so, you could include the following points:. As you say, completely the wrong way to look at this.

Here in the Borders where SNP and Labour dominate council car parks are mostly free — and delibertly so. They tried to introduce charging with strong local backlash — primarily because of the impact it was anticipated to have on visitors to the area. So they stopped. Of course this is short sighted.

Free real chat with girl from Arrochar

Opportunistic concepts inflicted by elected local councilors on advice of appointed officials and employing third parties at vast expense. Everyone can see Local authorities do have huge annual revenues in proportion almost exactly to potential visitor spend already: every business that operates from premises registered within the National parks delivers regional revenue through rates.

The Scottish Assessors department when and if it ever gets around to actually working again after over lengthy Covid furlough? Of course a revaluation process across Scotland is very overdue, everyone could see that. So if the district assessor process could be made to work properlythe RV for every property might be revisited, false assumptions about every premises challenged and annual bands reset.

The General public already fund all of this for every location. As usual, the Scots voter could spot this failure. Must they always suffer the delusions of distracted, temporary authority figures, the very ones the electorate is said — somehow — to favour? I seem to recall that parking eye were ditched by the Lake District National Park Authority in after bad publicity.

The deal appeared to be that the Park Authority got the car park revenue but parking eye got the money from swift payment of fines. Needless to say there were a lot of fines. Thanks for the lead Andy, this is incredible see here. Thanks Nick. There is more than just tourism to consider. If I was working in the area I would usually buy my lunch from the shop in Luss, but when LLTPA made the car park there pay and display with a hefty minimum charge which more or less doubled the cost of my lunch I made other arrangements. For all users it is precisely when the decision is marginal due to weather or season that parking charges will have the maximum deterrent effect which is the time when local businesses most need the trade.

The fact that you have to pay to park and use the public toilets is just wrong and will have obvious unpleasant consequences. There is no doubt as a visitor that areas which give the impression they are only interested in your money do not feel welcoming and I avoid them.

I for one wont be back. Took 10 minutes to get ticket as 1st machine was out of order and 2nd one not obvious behind the Faerie Trail caravan. Was advised 3 hours would be enough and duly paid. Spoiled a good day out. We had the exact same experience — as visitors to the area with 2 small children and only one working machine, it took my wife 20 mins to get a ticket — we had assumed it was pay and display — but no, when we got back home a PCN was waiting for us, with time stamped entry and exit — The appeal has been rejected no surprises — We feel disgusted, this is akin to racketeering!

To say I am disgusted is an understatement…will never be back to this area and feel sorry for the locals too. Please do something. We had a wonderful time, until we got a fine! G83 8NY. A few points: 1 The car park is too expensive. As far as I can tell there is just one ticket machine, which we used. The Council, assuming they wish to encourage local trade, should make it pay on exit so people can relax and just pay for what they use at the end. With the current system, you have to rush back to the car park, to ensure we got out on time.

We avoided buying lunch, as had no idea if we would make it back in time. However, we missed the deadline by 11 minutes. This has left a very bad taste in our mouths. We tried to do the right thing. I urge the Free real chat with girl from Arrochar council and landowner to consider ditching ParkingEye.

They are complete crooks. They need to set up a much fairer way of managing parking in this area. We bought a 2 hour ticket and overstayed for 19 minutes. As I remember, the parking charge was quite expensive to start with — had it been cheaper we would probably have stayed longer in the town. We have just received a penalty notice from our visit to Luss last week.

Free real chat with girl from Arrochar

We parked the car park with cctv and you pay when you leave. We specifically asked at the mobile drinks and snacks kiosk what to do before walking into the village. I have appealed against it, we will see what happens. If I have to pay I will never go back. Local businesses should be reading the riot act about this greed affecting their livelihoods. Same thing happened to us.

It specifically says to pay when you leave on theyet when you go to the machine to pay, when you put in money it goes to the future time like a pay and display. I put in for two hours because I thought that was how long, but apparently it was just over. The time we spent trying to with out the parking cost us. Why the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Authority did not advise Luss Estates of the likely consequence to their reputation of using them is not clear.

There is an old but good article on dealing with Parking Eye It says you should also contact the owner of the car park and I have heard from another reader that having contacted Luss Estates in similar circumstances they have now been promised a refund. I too have been the victim of this company. I drove in to the car park to get details of the Faerie Trail. This Parking Charge Notice situation needs addressing as too many people seem to fall victim. So when does parking begin? How can you be charged for parking when you are still driving to find a space? It would, however, drastically improve visitor impressions.

Do the local officials ever read the reviews of the visitors, if not then they should as the reputation of the area is definitely not looking good for the tourist industry. Fair enough, it WAS his own fault. me up for parkswatchscotland blog updates. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Pinterest Share. Share on LinkedIn Share.

Free real chat with girl from Arrochar

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