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The two kids dressed in navy scrubs and clipped on hospital ID tags to match the Grey's Anatomy characters.

Friend suit up

The cast of Grey's Anatomy has some cute competition! A 5-year-old boy named Brayden has gone viral for looking like a mini-me of Grey's Anatomy 's Jackson Avery, played by Jesse Williams, after posting a series of photos dressed up as the character on Instagram.

Friend suit up

On Brayden'swhere he frequently "plays pretend" as other pop culture characters, the little boy enlisted help from his other friends to round out the rest of the Sloan Memorial crew. In one set of pictures, Brayden is seen holding hands with a redheaded little girl dressed as April Kepner, played by Sarah Drew. In the too-cute pictures, Brayden and the young girl are wearing navy scrubs and hospital ID tags to perfectly match the show's costumes.

Brayden also poses for one of the pictures with his hands crossed over his chest while his friend stands beside him. The little boy also snapped pictures with a different young girl who dressed as another character from the ABC medical drama. Brayden posed for the photos alongside a young girl dressed as Maggie Pierce, played by Kelly McCreary. For the photo shoot, Brayden puts his arm around his friend in the first picture before hugging her and holding her hand in the later shots.

Brayden also took a few solo shots for his Instagram in which he wore additional pieces like a scrub cap and white coat. The white coat included Avery's full name as well as the name of the hospital where he works. Paging Sloan-Memorial!

Friend suit up

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Friend suit up Friend suit up

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