Fuck women Kendall

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Fuck women Kendall

Cara Delevingne used to dream about punching the paparazzi. She longed for it. Willed it through gritted teeth. It was her dark, twisted fantasy: a hysterical dream that wasn't so much about the violence of smashing a septum with a well-thrown elbow, more about being free from notoriety's assertion that she play nice. Free from being watched from the dark side of fame's one-way mirror, free from the idea that the path to global prolifacy is forever a lonely one, and free from the platitude that to have it all, one must give up all of oneself, gratefully and graciously.

But then Kendall Jenner came along and Cara remembered that this is supposed to be fun. Although Cara has had 10 careers in the past two years, if not a babe in the woods then [she's] certainly a young woman with mistakes to make and things to learn. But nothing beats friendship - even a friendship forged in the fickle flames of high fashion - and Cara and Kendall have a friendship that is a touchy-feely and heart-felt as their obviously enamoured embrace. It's a major girl crush situation. They are one another's coconspirators. Everything, to some extent, seems easier with a sidekick.

Or at the very least, a lot funnier. The way the two pals interact is a treat to witness They tease one another, rolling their eyes and mouthing words to one another which only they know the meaning. They are like siblings or lovers in their playfulness, fierce and tender all at once. This isn't work, you see, but a glimpse into the lives of two young women trying to forget about the next call time. To forget about the cameras outside, the social media feeds and their fortunes, the next job or where they need to be tomorrow morning.

To order in a round and to just talk. Phones down. Eyes up. Kendall Jenner: What's your favourite thing about your face? Cara Delevingne: Oh god KJ: I knew you were going to say that! CD: What's your favourite thing about your face? KJ: My eyelashes. This is like we're on a date or something! Fuck women Kendall We are! Would you rather skydive or go to the bottom of the ocean ina submarine?

KJ: Skydive. CD: If you had to be a flavour of chip she means crispswhat would you be? Snow or rain? CD: Snow. KJ: Blonde or brunette? CD: Blonde! CD: New York. KJ: Really? CD: Night or day? KJ: That depends. It's hard.

Fuck women Kendall

CD: Sex or music? KJ: Both. At the same time? CD: Black or white? KJ: I mean, that depends. I guess maybe black. Would you rather drink your own pee, or have someone fart in your mouth? KJ: I think drink my own pee. CD: Eurggh! KJ: Eeewwww! Would you rather die being burned alive or frozen to death?

CD: Shit just got dark! Burnt or frozen? I'd be burnt. I guess being burnt is a slower process. CD: What is your favourite sex position? KJ: Next question! CD: Erm KJ: What is your favourite thing about Katie? CD: There are so many things about Katie! Her teeth. KJ: Her teeth are pretty awesome. CD: And her rabbit KJ: I was going to say her bunny!

Fuck women Kendall

Have you met her new one? I have. CD: No! You know they are going to shoot with Cecil, my rabbit? KJ: No! Where is your rabbit? CD: In London. OK, who is your favourite sister? KJ: They are all great in their different ways. It's such a hard question and there are too many of them so it's pretty much impossible for me to answer.

CD: OK, if you had to bring one sister to a desert island? KJ: Kim is like a spy, it's very weird CD: How many kids do you want? KJ: Three or four. When do you want kids? CD: Right now. Here on this table. KJ: Ok, we're done! Interviews Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner grill each other on sex, death, sisterhood and chips. LOVE Issue Also watch: Kendall Jenner takes a leisurely swim in Hampstead Ponds. Cara Delevingne. Kendall Jenner. LOVE Privacy and cookies. Code of conduct. Cookie Preferences.

Fuck women Kendall

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