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You are currently viewing Cadillac. Close this window to stay here or choose another country to see vehicles and services specific to your location. Meet the Escalade Makers. A group of forward-thinkers who helped bring the Cadillac Escalade to life in a deeply human way—through distinctly curated personas, astounding detail and technology that makes you the star. Escalade requires no introduction. Therese believes lighting builds the icon, a testament from someone who dabbles in LED performance art. Though their size was initially controversial, deers agreed the lamps define Escalade—and delivered them in a stunning, tapered form.

She finds working on Escalade both a challenge and an honor—particularly the opportunity to de its first-ever Sport trim, giving an already powerful character a more sinister mood. An interior de element that pushes the boundaries of typical luxury.

Get laid Cadillac

The proportion of light to dark striping in this wood was purposefully chosen to offer high-contrast, statement-making de to anyone willing to take risks and embrace their personal taste. Until now, a Sport trim for Escalade was uncharted territory, but customers had an appetite for a high-contrast interior. This trim merges sport and luxury by complementing jet black with a light beige on a grand scale. This perforation uses pinholes in a variety of sizes to create sets of squares, or boxes, that mirror the pattern of the Cadillac Mondrian within the crest—a subtle honoring of automotive heritage.

Features a dramatically dark grille, high-contrast Zebra wood and Precision perforated seats destined to make people stop, stare and remember.

Get laid Cadillac

That means Infotainment Program Manager Joanne Leddy had her work cut out for her during reveal—fielding hours of questions and demos. Joanne says Cadillac leadership wanted to offer Escalade customers this groundbreaking technology from the start. Everything else had to work around it. The world is heading toward technology at every touch. The way you interact with your vehicle should be no different. But OLED was not achieved without challenges. For example, the team engineered a special light control film so the display could stand proudly without reflecting light onto the windshield.

It had to be executed perfectly. Those in the third row still receive first-class treatment. Full Semi-Aniline Leather Seats in all three rows guarantees luxury sits at every touch. A new quilt pattern developed specifically for Escalade, in sleek black leather. Features Ash wood, sleek black Mondrian quilted seats and distinct Sport wheels and grille. Interior De Manager Phil Kucera compares his job to running your own business. He fills the hybrid role of artist and engineer, collaborating with multiple departments to create this interior oasis.

It makes him the perfect hype man. Of all the hats Phil wears, Creative is his favorite. It helps him think in 3D and solve for the tricky areas of an interface. Phil and his team made sure to fret the details, because…. This natural wood grain resembles the delicate, detailed patterns of lace on a large scale—perfect for the surface area Escalade offers. The wood is hand-dyed to create a dark merlot interior, a color that repeatedly appeared in customer research.

A new quilt pattern developed specifically for Escalade, in a deep auburn shade of leather. Marty has worked with car audio since the age of 15, when his older brother spent a frustrating afternoon attempting to install new equipment. Marty had it done in 30 minutes. Sounds like the perfect partnership. The movement within this wood grain creates an almost three-dimensional appearance, while the black and parchment colors within its natural stain tie the trim together. Stainless steel, chemically etched and artfully positioned around the interior.

A custom triangular pin, inspired by the Cadillac chevron, was engineered specifically for this perforation. Unique pin patterns were created for each separate seat panel—an estimated six to eight per seat—which are stitched together to form a cohesive, purposeful de. Escalade takes form in detailed personas featuring six woods, two quilting patterns, four perforation patterns and a variety of colors, thre and stitch patterns. Color and Trim Manager Michelle Killen compares her approach to interior de: a well-curated room requires a sofa from here, a table from there and a rug from somewhere else.

It tells a personal story. What do their homes and handbags look like? How does that premium experience translate to a vehicle? Each trim persona is vastly different, yet distinctly Cadillac. She wants you to pick a favorite. What Michelle finds remarkable is the victory in variety. Every single interior persona she presented to leadership on day one was achieved. She recalls admiring the imagery, woods and colors on the de wall and knowing Escalade could be executed no other way. This sets the standard for how we see Cadillac. A deep, rich brown veneer with light striping tinted to match the brandy color of the seats perfectly.

This trim offers fashion-forward drivers a combination of sport and luxury de cues, complementing the traditional jet-black look of luxury with the browns popular in sports cars. The ability to tie off individual stitches underneath the leather allows you to create unique patterns. Craftsmanship reigns supreme in this highly complex, tactile quilting pattern. Professional athletes could fit comfortably inside; musicians and celebrities wanted to make a statement. He gets to be excited about everything.

Slats of several natural woods, from Ash to Elm, are laid side by side and left unstained so their natural color and detail are on full display—offering beautiful contrast to the Whisper Beige Leather Seating Surfaces. Wood on the doors runs at a degree angle, similar to the Escala concept vehicle. This trim level is the first time that interior de elements of the Escala concept vehicle have entered production. A massive de victory for Escalade, the fabric details of this interior are simple, elegant and woven like a well-tailored suit. A showcase of pure innovation—from rear seat entertainment to fabric interior trim details inspired by the Escala concept vehicle.

Always pay attention while driving and when using Super Cruise. Do not use a hand-held device. Visit cadillac. Functionality varies by model. Vehicle user interface is a product of Google and its terms and privacy statements apply. Data plan rates apply. You can check which smartphones are compatible at g. Functionality is subject to limitations and varies by vehicle, infotainment system, and location.

Select service plan required. Certain Alexa Skills require linking to use. Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon. See onstar. The system wirelessly charges one compatible mobile device. To check for phone or other device compatibility, see my. Lower-profile tires wear faster.

Tire and wheel damage may occur on rough or damaged ro or from surfaces, curbs, debris or obstacles. For more details, go to my.

Get laid Cadillac

Meet the Escalade Makers Cadillac Escalade. Canada Other. Unlike anything else on the road. Make your way. MSRP excludes tax, title, and dealer fees. Read the vehicle's owner's manual for important feature limitations and information.

Get laid Cadillac

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