Hiking partner friend

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Hiking alone can be an incredibly rejuvenating experience. Hitting the trail without a hiking buddy can mean the difference between safety and life-threatening danger. Here are eleven ways to find the best hiking partner to keep you safe out there. Sometimes you want to get away and disappear into the wilderness to prepare yourself for another week of your busy life. People hiking together face much lesser risks of getting lost and being injured while outdoors. Here are a few tips to get the best hiking friends to build lasting memories and keep you safe as you enjoy nature together.

Hiking partner friend

Have you ever talked to an experienced hiker at some point in your life? Consider the terrain, too. Most of the unintentional deaths in National Parks are because of accidental falls with deaths in the last ten years. Going hiking alone is risky. Plus, hiking alone can increase your chances of getting lost. Almost two-thirds of them were alone. Going hiking with a buddy can improve your chances of survival if anything goes wrong on the trail. Apart from this, hiking in a community improves your experience and helps create lasting memories with people you care about.

Here are eleven ways to find the perfect outdoor companion for you. This is the good ole fashioned way of getting someone to you on a hiking adventure.

Hiking partner friend

Odds are that you have someone in your group of closest friends and family who shares at least a few of your interests. One of those is bound to be hiking or getting outdoors, right? Hikers often prefer to go out with family and friends because of the safety factor. To put it bluntly: Venturing into the woods with a random group of hikers that are unknown to you is rarely a good idea. Admittedly, though, these organizations are more challenging to find for adults than they are for children.

Adults will have better luck making connections using the next two strategies. Still, one place that both adults and children could start their search is the town civic center. Not every town or city has one of these community centers, but if yours does like my hometowntake advantage of it! All the local residents are invited to the seasonal events held in civic centers. Find one that is most closely related to outdoor sports and recreation. Look for -ups for hiking trips, fliers for regular gatherings, and similar documents.

Adults should go around, chat, and introduce themself to other attendees. These are very welcoming spaces for teens and younger kids who need socialization and engaging recreational activities. For example, one of my favorite activities from organizations like this was when a group of us visited a local park for a riverwalk. It was short and sweet and not too physically demanding. Yes, another one of the millions of reasons why you should get a gym membership.

You can find a reliable group of hikers and company to you on the trail. Gyms often host activities like this for their members. As a bonus, many gyms have rock-climbing walls and activities. So, if you want to combine your hiking and climbing as climbers often do warm-ups before you head out, gyms are the perfect place to do so.

Hiking events for gym-goers are beneficial for both members and the facility. Even the Fitness Business Association suggests gym management consider hosting these outings. They build loyalty and connections in their community and, of course, generate revenue. Another great thing about going hiking with your gym group is the opportunity to physically prepare for the trip with each other. You can share tips and tricks related to staying in shape for the upcoming season.

Plus, you can swap techniques on breath regulation and even discuss the best trail foods to boost energy and maintain a healthy body mass index BMI. Plus, what gym rat would refuse an opportunity to make some gains?

Hiking is just another form of exercise. More people are gravitating toward working out in the great outdoors anyway. Plus, it exposes you to the many natural health benefits from sunlight, being outside, and connecting with the environment.

One of the easiest and fastest places to find a hiking buddy is online. The digital sphere is becoming one of the leading avenues people use to communicate and even forge new friendships. What social media sites offer is the chance to get to know people who share your interests. So, keep in mind that not everyone who expresses interest in going hiking with you will actually follow through with that. However, you could end up meeting a lifelong friend!

Before you set a time and place to meet up, here are a few things to do and ask yourself:. For example, you can get lots of hiking destination ideas from Pinterest. Yet, you might not get in touch with too many hiking buddies on that platform. Instead, turn Hiking partner friend other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and others described below. For one, Facebook has the most users in the world compared to all other social media platforms. Especially if you groups like:. Facebook groups tend to be very active. So, your post or comment requesting someone to hike trails with friends with should get a response within a few minutes or hours.

Hiking partner friend

Here, you can click on hashtags to find millions of people who share your interests. You can peruse through all kinds of hashtags until you find that perfect niche community. Around these times, lots of people are taking the time to reconnect with nature and are eager to others in the outdoors. Another great platform to take advantage of is Meetup. Again, this is another one that is useful for people who are new to an area. In the event details, give your prospective attendees as much information as possible. Just think about the kinds of details you would appreciate as a new person in the area.

Make sure to offer those to your future hiking buddies.

Hiking partner friend

With a little bit of searching, you can find some great online communities chock-full of people who would love nothing more than to you on the trail. There are so many Slack channels for hobbies and professions alike. There are over 2, people on this channel and lots of freedom to discuss anything you need. Feel free to the main chat, or hop into the Gear Talk channel. Here, you can ask more specific questions about what you should bring on the trail, a huge asset for beginners. One of the best things about ing this Slack channel is that you have people from all sorts of backgrounds and experience levels.

Members can even get input on outdoor travel destinations from experienced thru-hikers or backpackers from people across the nation. Drop a quick hello and a brief description of your hiking goals and interests in the Introductions channel to get started. Ah, the good ole days of living a few doors down from some of my best friends. Socializing was so much easier as a college student. Most of your friends live nearby, either on campus or in nearby apartment complexes.

Plus, you might want to branch out and expand your social circle a bit. These are the ideal places to get in touch with your peers who are also interested in hiking.

Hiking partner friend

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How To Find New Hiking Partners: 11 Places To Rally Your Adventure Crew