I love business guys

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I was deep in the midst of getting started on my entrepreneurial journey. I felt possessed with purpose. She was right. Of course, I was oblivious to it at the time, but it was clear what my priority was. She felt it. Got jealous of my new priority. The wheels started to come off the bus. We broke up.

I love business guys

How could I have time for anyone else? I wore it with pride as if it was something to be proud of. If I did meet someone, it would invariably flitter away. We never seemed to connect in the 10 minutes I would spend texting her between my s once a week. When I was busy I was fine. The busyness numbed my emotions. But when I had downtime I felt lonely. So I kept busy. Entrepreneurs are not normal. We choose to walk away from stable, well-paid jobs to start a business that statistically has a low probability of success for little or no pay.

My biz had raised venture capital investment and we were sure we were we were on our way to becoming next unicorn. Then, about 18 months ago Stefie launched her own business that is growing incredibly fast. So I approached it like I do most things in my life. I believe we can learn anything and get good at anything in life if we distill it down to the daily habits that we do every day to put us in that path.

I love business guys

I figured relationships should be no different. Or are in a relationship you truly care about and want to get better. Entrepreneurs are incredible at planning. We will spend hours strategising our visions. Going on management away days. Doing quarterly planning. Reading books from Drucker to Allen on how to plan and get stuff done. My average week would go like this: I would plan out my work week, write out all my actions to hit my business goals.

Only then relationships would I look at personal life. The week would go by in a flash and it would be Sunday again. Why did I write out my business plans for the week? Because I know I am more likely to do them if I write them out. So the items in my business are important enough for me to write out my plans for the week, but my personal ones were not?

The first step is to make a decision on what the no. Is it your business or your partner?

I love business guys

Answer me this: Would you want a long-term relationship with someone if you were not their no. I consciously made the decision that she would be my no. Not no. When I set my goals every year I make sure I include my no. My 1 goal out of 7 for ? I love business guys 1: Make Stefie my 1 priority every week. When I plan my week every Sunday evening, I open up my yearly goals in Evernote and for each of my seven goals I ask myself:. Q 1: What did I do last week to make Stefie my 1 priority? Q 2: What will I do next week to make Stefie my 1 priority?

If your priority is your partner, how are you going to show them that this week? But Howard what happens when you need to do something important at work and it conflicts with something you and your partner has planned? When you spend quality time with someone, do nice surprises, go on trips together etc.

An unhealthy bank will be in the red. This is when issues will begin in the relationship. This bank principle is a simple way to look at relationship health. If there are issues, it usually stems from an overdrawn bank issue.

We both understand the relationship bank principle and make sure we make regular deposits in our bank every week. I believe this warrants its own point. If you do nothing else but implement this one thing; I believe it will ificantly improve your relationship. Date night is a mid-week evening every week that we go on a date together.

It makes all the difference. I can only speak for men here, we have the best intentions but when important things come up in the business we get sucked in. Setting up a weekly calendar invite does the heavy lifting. Then we take turns in the date night. One week one person organises and pays for the other person. The next week the other person does it. By not opening up and putting on a strong front is like putting on a mask. This mask allows us to project to other that we are someone strong and has it sorted.

This means taking off your mask and being vulnerable with someone. So the way to have a deep connection with your partner is to open up and be vulnerable with them. I remember a few weeks into going out with Stefie, I decided to open up about some things in my past. I was petrified. I built up to that moment in my head for weeks. That opening up grew my confidence to do so more regularly.

Now I try to open up as often as I can with her. Download free. Starting a business is hard. Having a healthy relationship is hard. Unfortunately for many entrepreneurs, we suck at balancing the two. So I was single. I worked long hours. Bit like this guy: Undateable With an attitude like that, I was I love business guys. Entrepreneur Problems Entrepreneurs are not normal.

It certainly affected me. I remember wondering if I would ever have a relationship again. Then I changed Then I met someone. Boy meets girl.

I love business guys

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