Im looking for Normal

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On iPhone and iPad this experience only works in the Safari browser. Apple doesn't allow other browsers to access the camera. This is an art project by Tijmen Schep that shows how face detection algoritms are increasingly used to judge you. It was made as part of the European Union's Sherpa research program. No personal data is sent to our server in any way. All the face detection algorithms will run on your own computer, in the browser.

In this 'test' your face is compared with that of all the other people who came before you. At the end of the show you can, if you want to, share some anonimized data. That will then be used to re-calculate the new average.

That anonymous data is not shared any further. You can also about the sources and source code that this project is based on, or read the press release. Tip: Change your distance to the camera, and remove glasses. You are more attractive than The average BMI in You switched to another tab 0 times. Easily distracted?

Im looking for Normal

The dominant expression on your face is currently You have Before your score is revealed Will you allow the anonymous data in the list above to be used to calculate a new average? It will shift what this test considers to be 'normal' in your direction.

These are privacy friendly sharing buttons. This website does not contain any third party tracking. Check out the references and sources or the press release with images. If you enjoyed this, you might enjoy AreYouYou. This project purposefully avoids using the word "Artificial Intelligence", since there is nothing intelligent about these systems. I prefer to use the terms "machine learning" or "statistics on steroids", but I've settled on algorithms here.

Almost all the machine learning models used were Im looking for Normal "pre-trained" from open source projects I found on Github. Instead, they use third parties that supply machine learning services, and it's in the interest of these parties to keep their systems as generic and "one size fits all" as possible. And then you have the parties who just implement whatever they can get their hands on, and hope nobody asks difficult questions. The beauty scoring model was found on Github this or this one.

Do note that its developer doesn't fully divulge on which photos the models were trained. I actually trained the BMI prediction algorithm myself because I couldn't find any existing models that were small enough to use online. I downloaded all the BMI prediction projects I could find on Github, and was astonished to find some of them came with vast troves of photographs.

I felt firty using them, but also felt that revealing what was going on was more important. I've documented some of the dodgy things I discovered along the way in this blogpost. Videos, screenshots and other visual material The videos were mainly constructed out of public domain source material from pexels.

Im looking for Normal

To the photographers who so kindly shared their work: thank you all for your wonderful generosity! Other direct sources were used under the artistic, journalistic and educational copyright exception. Tip: you can protect yourself from these practices by installing browser addons such as uBlock Origin and uMatrix. Experience how "artificial intelligence" judges your face Access to your camera is necessary, but no personal data is collected.

I agree to the terms and conditions. Created with support from the European Union. Terms and conditions Wow, you deciced to read the terms and conditions first. You rock!! Unable to access camera Play Skip. It seems the couldn't acess your camera. You won't be able to experience the show, sorry. You could try using a different browser? You Others Read terms? No No Shared age? No No Beauty Lied about age? Life expectancy Came closer? Curious Yes No Shared data? May I ask how old you are? Highest beauty score. BMI analysis. Lowest age prediction.

Your face print. The purple mouse pointer is replaying how you moved your mouse during the 20 seconds.

Im looking for Normal

Your reaction to the doggy was Life expectancy. OK No. You are Sources Language Use This project purposefully avoids using the word "Artificial Intelligence", since there is nothing intelligent about these systems. Machine Learning models Almost all the machine learning models used were downloaded "pre-trained" from open source projects I found on Github.

Specific sources Attractiveness TikTok frontrecorded with a screen recorder. Their practise of showing content from beautiful people is explained here. While I couldn't confirm if TikTok does this algorithmically, Tinder actually has been on the record about this practice.

This academic research was the source of the beauty judgement interface. Age Innovatrix offers surveillance systems that analyse the demographics of store visitors.

Im looking for Normal

The picture was downloaded form their website. Tinder frontscreenshot. Gender Check out This article if you want to understand why an algorithm that tries to sort people into just two can upset some people. Although all s point to this project being a part of Google's practise, I sent an to the makers to verify this, and got a quick response that it was a personal project. I then changed the video to say "researchers who work at Google" intead of "Google's health lab in India". For more juicy details I refer you to the in-depth blogpost mentioned earlier.

Life expectancy There are a lof of projects on Github that explore this idea, some of them as part of Kaggle contests set-up by the insurance industry. After exploring how these worked, I created my own wishy-washy implementation. There is no machine learning involved here, it's just a lookup in a table of life expectancies per country, the average BMI in that country, and then a calculation on how BMI might affect that.

There is very little merit in this calculation, but then again that doesn't seem to be a requirement for calling yourself a data scientist. It can still be found using the Internet Archive's wayback machine. The Chinese parent company Deepcam has a Chinese website. There is also an Australian website. The website is virtually identical to the old deepcamai. The visual effect that shows how the video feed is first turned into a mathematical representation based on contrast is built using HOG descriptor.

Im looking for Normal

The code was modified to work in the browser. Emotions Hirevue. Learn more about the screen recording feature here. Mouse movement was recorded using a small script called Wix client recorder MIT. As always, this runs in your own browser - the recording never leaves your computer, and will be gone as soon as you close the browser window. Later research strengthened the notion that this was caused by self-censorship.

You may also enjoy the follow-up game I made: AreYouYou.

Im looking for Normal Im looking for Normal

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