Italy ladies lunch Italy

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Dubai; With the festive season fast approaching, we have an end of year competition to win not just one but two prizes FooDiva Friends — both courtesy of Italian seafood ristorante Bice Mare at Souk Al Bahar. Thanks to new Executive Chef Francesco Guarracino Italian of course, from Sorrento at the helm, Bice Mare has recruited an strong all Italian kitchen team from the Federazione Italiano Cuochi World Association of Chef Societies in Italy who all hail from different Italian regions, each with their own distinctive cooking methods, style and expertise.

I am not sure how many Italian restaurants in Dubai can stake a similar claim? Chef Francesco has just introduced a special Ladies Lunch menu every single day of the week. Dishes are light using minimal olive oil and dressing, whilst rich ingredients like cream and butter are substituted with yoghurt.

Trilogia di crostacei e avocado — avocado stacked with crab, lobster and king prawns in a light pink seafood sauce. Insalata di aragosta con frutta esotica in salsa di yogurth e basilico — lobster and mango salad with a yoghurt and basil dressing. Ravioli con aragosta gamberetti e vongole — home-made ravioli filled with lobster, cooked with prawns, clams and cherry tomatoes.

Spaghetti di farina di Segale Integrale, con granchio e rucola — spaghetti tossed with crab and Italian wild rocket. Sogliola al limone con mosaico di verdure croccanti — lightly cooked lemon sole served with crunchy baby Italian vegetables. As for the sweet stuff, the home-made sorbet on my visit was a rich, juicy mango on a bed of freshly diced fruit — the mango on its own is sufficient to cleanse the palate.

Italy ladies lunch Italy

A scattering of petals garnish all the plates — pretty as a picture. So make sure to book a terrace table. FooDiva Friends in Dubai, all you need to do is tell us your favourite Italian dish. Leave your answer as a comment on this post. You can increase your chances of winning by also Liking and commenting on my Facebookand retweeting my tweet mentioning foodivaworld. Open daily for lunch and dinner. The Ladies Lunch menu is available daily from On the whole I just love Italian Cuisine. Its my favourite cuisines of all.

But the dish that I love most is Ravioli di Ricotta e Spinaci. I just love the smoothness of the ricotta along with the pesto cream sauce. To me, Italian food represents simplicity at its best. My favorite dish is just that, simple and delightfully flavorful. Spaghetti aglio e oglio.

Italy ladies lunch Italy

Lasagna is my favorite Italian Dish. Beef Lasagna or Chicken Lasagna, best Italian food. Then many others also I like from Italian Cuisine. I love the simplicity and freshness of Italian cuisine especially a piping hot oven-fresh Margherita pizza! I would have to say rissoto. The combination of cheese and rice, topped with truffle mushrooms is just unbeatable!

This is indeed a steal — top of my list of places to visit now…and would love some help via Foodiva! I love a beautifully prepared fresh clams and linguini. PS Just checked out the blog who was awarded first place. Foodiva is my favorite! My favorite Italian dish is Chicken parmigiana, I love this classic dish — mouth watering and delicious.

To pick only 1… impossible. My mind is currently exploding just imagining the flavours of evrything from a simple bruschetta to wild mushroom risotto to the amarena Cherry Tiramisu. Though i dont make too much innovation with my food, always like my asian cuisine but one day somebody offered me cheese pasta with chicken and winebelieve me it was just like heaven, now i die for pasta, however it is cooked. I love everything italian….

My fav Italian dish would be pizza! You can eat it with different toppings, thin or thick crust but its always yummy!

Italy ladies lunch Italy

Mamma Mia!! I love Italian food and have a couple of favourites like the amazing Fettucine Alfredo,Lasagna and Gnocchi with pesto sauce complete with a sweet ending of tiramisu for dessert with a cappucino of course!!!! Would definitely like to try their ature seafood as for one mentioned above the sea bass fillet, the way it has to be cooked as described in detail giving it that grand touch practically makes my mouth water. Did I forget to state mango is my any time favourite fruit.

My all time favorite is gnocchi with mushrooms and Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino. Simple and delish! A Creamy Gnocchi just has to do it for me. I let it be my lucky cheat day meal! Name Required. E-mail Required. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I would like to subscribe to the free FooDiva newsletter. Welcome to FooDiva! You may like to subscribe to our free weekly newsletter here.

Thanks for visiting FooDiva once again! Newsletter Win with Foodiva. up for our Newsletter. Ladies who lunch Italian-style, plus a competition — brought to you by Bice Mare Dubai; With the festive season fast approaching, we have an end of year competition to win not just one but two prizes FooDiva Friends — both courtesy of Italian seafood ristorante Bice Mare at Souk Al Bahar. Good luck! I love traditional Neapolitan lasagna. I love Italian food and my favourite dish is the Quattro formaggi pizza. A beautiful thin-crust buffalo mozzarella pizza comes next, then lasagne.

Having the hardest time ever Picking out my favorite Italian Dish!

Italy ladies lunch Italy

Aubergine Parmigana Reply. I love a tasty lasagne. With a nice sald on the side and a glass of wine. Ravioli with goat cheese stuffing. My all time favorite Italian food is Pizza Margherita! Just keeping it simple! One of my fav would be ravioli stuffed with goat cheese…YUM! Spaghetti aglio e oglio Reply. So is the so called Fusion mishmash. Newsletter Recipes Sitemap Privacy policy. All Rights Reserved.

Italy ladies lunch Italy

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Ladies who lunch Italian-style, plus a competition – brought to you by Bice Mare