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Jane not her real name was just a regular Mississippi girl whose mother wasn't particularly focused on her young daughter. One day, an older man approached her and told her that he would take her away, put her up in a great apartment and take care of her. Not that she was a terrible mother, but she wasn't particularly plugged in. So that helped to make Jane a target. At first, the man treated Jane like he was her boyfriend. Her childhood, in a small working-class neighborhood in southern New Jersey's Ocean County, was unremarkable.

By the time she was 14, though, Smith was ready to get away from her home in tiny Tuckerton on the Little Egg Harbor.

Jackson girls just sex

She wasn't getting along with her parents, and they argued constantly. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Smith's best friend ended their relationship. She was apprehensive about starting high school in the fall, where she believed she'd be beat up. That summer ofin her year-old mind, Smith was convinced her life was over.

She was aimless, depressed and felt she had no one to confide with. Smith met Greg at a shopping mall in nearby Atlantic County where she hung out every weekend with friends. Greg looked to be in his early 20s. She found out later that he was in his 30s. He was wearing nice clothes," something important to a year-old girl. Greg motioned for Smith to come over. At first, she hesitated, but her curiosity won out. Here was a nice-looking guy who singled her out from the crowd. After a bit of conversation, they exchanged phone s, and within a day, he called her.

He could introduce me to famous people," she said. They look for these vulnerable individuals," Middleton said. We've seen this very setup, right here, time and time again. Becoming a victim of sex trafficking can happen to those from "good" homes just as easily as it does to those from "bad" or poor circumstances. The crime cuts across all facets of society, excluding no one regardless of gender, age, race or economic status, said Heather Wagner, director of the domestic-violence office in the Mississippi attorney general's office.

All it takes is a naive girl looking for a little affection, she said. Predators look for pretty kids whom they can easily flatter or lonely boys looking for someone who will says they love them. Once ensnared with sweet talk and gifts, it can be a short walk to doing sexual "favors" for the trafficker's so-called Jackson girls just sex to having sex with strangers 20 times a day.

Girls who look like college co-eds are in big demand among those who buy sex. Most of the time, it's not any one issue. I think that I had some idea that Greg was a bad boy, but my idea of a bad boy didn't equate to a pedophile or a rapist or a sex trafficker. I'd never even heard of that term. It's not always a stranger doing the selling or buying. She also said that most trafficking victims are too afraid to speak up, or they may not understand what they're going through and don't know help is available, pushing the issue under the radar.

Middleton related the story of another woman who came to the CVP for assistance, calling her Susie. In this case, the trafficker who pretended to be Susie's friend was a woman. The woman turned out to be a spy, reporting back to others, presumably men, what Susie was doing and thinking. The woman turned into a handler once Susie was in "the game. In Mississippi, the interstate highways make Jackson a stopping-off point for the sex trade, which is highly portable and easily propagated via the Internet.

Midway between Memphis and New Orleans on the north-south axis, and Atlanta and Dallas on the east-west route, traffickers—pimps—shuttle their wares through Jackson looking for buyers. AFF is a Gulf-Coast nonprofit dedicated to ending human trafficking. In another case, authorities tracked a girl brought into Louisiana for the Super Bowl through a contact on her Internet. And she moved her way through the South snaking her way to New Orleans," she said. Human trafficking and domestic violence have a great deal in common.

By the time Greg zeroed in on Holly Smith, she had already had several sexual encounters. She had a relative who repeatedly abused her. Then, on two different occasions, older high-school boys took advantage of the pretty girl with long, soft brown hair. Inresearcher Melissa Farley estimated that 65 percent to 95 percent of those involved in prostitution were victims of sexual assault as children. Sex, for many girls, equates to love and intimacy, things usually missing in the lives of targeted girls. They want to be loved, and they get that all mixed up with sex.

Men will use sex to groom their victims while they make them sex slaves. No adult had talked to Smith about sex. Sex education in school consisted mainly of anatomy lessons, she said. Almost everything she learned about sex was from popular media. At 14, Smith believed that she had to have Jackson girls just sex boyfriend, and sex was supposed to be fun.

Instead, her experiences left her anxious. Smith hadn't enjoyed any of them, and she was convinced that there was something wrong with her. Women are objectified, and they're sexualized everywhere," Smith said. The report found that primetime TV is more likely to present underage female characters in sexually exploitive scenes than adult women. The scripts framed many of those scenes as comedy.

Jackson girls just sex

Greg hooked Smith when he told her he would make her a star. And what I was going to bite on was running away to Hollywood. I was going to see things; I was going to do things. The day she ran away from home, Smith met Greg in another shopping mall, a little closer to Atlantic City. Hollywood, as it turned out, wasn't on the agenda. As Nikki put Smith in a red dress and did her makeup and hair, Smith believed they were getting ready to go out to a club.

In retrospect, she knew that something was off. But just hours after running away, Smith went along with it. She was convinced she could go back home. When Greg returned, it was all business. He sat Smith down and went over "the rules. The women that the Center for Violence Prevention works with would recognize Smith's story of shame and guilt. In Susie's case, the pimp wouldn't allow her to stop until she'd at least made enough to cover their hotel room. If she couldn't, they'd both sleep on the streets.

Primped and primed, Smith got into a cab with Nikki, who gave her more instructions. She should ask men if they wanted a date.

Jackson girls just sex

If someone said yes, she was to tell him to come back with a car, ready to pay for a hotel room. She didn't know how to say no—she didn't even realize she had that option. It only took a few minutes before a man pulled up and asked Smith how old she was. Nikki did the talking. Then Nikki told Smith to go with "this old man," Smith said. There were no thoughts of, 'I need to find my way back home and back to middle school,'" she said. I was just dealing with the present moment and transitioned into the person I needed to be.

Jackson girls just sex

That person was a prostitute. Though the first encounter was the worst, there were others. The next night, a police officer spotted her. He asked how old she was, and Smith told him what Greg and Nikki had told her to say. Smith called out to him. She was looking for options. Smith didn't want to be out on the street, but she didn't want to go home, either. Sex trafficking, the act defines, is when a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or when the person induced to perform such an act is younger than Trafficking includes "recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.

Under federal law, authorities should protect trafficking victims, not criminalize them; however, many state and local laws make prostitution, pimping and buying sex illegal, and the women—the victims—are the ones usually arrested. Inabout 92 percent of prostitution-related arrests in Boston were women, and only about 8 percent of arrests were men, reported Donna M.

Hughes, a professor of women's studies at the University of Rhode Island in Similarly, 89 percent of arrests in Chicago between and were women, 9. Department of State. Seventy-nine percent of human trafficking is sex trafficking and, in the U. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children estimates thattoAmerican children are in danger of becoming sexual commodities. The average age of 's entry into pornography or prostitution is 12, reports the U. Getting out of "the game" isn't easy, and prostitutes live brutal, short lives. Most are dead within seven years.

In that way, Smith was lucky. But victims of sex trafficking share many problems with victims of domestic violence: post-traumatic stress, fear, low self-esteem and lack of resources among them. Victims also face a mountain of stigma and shame and, frequently, a police record.

Jackson girls just sex

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