Lonely hispanic girl

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Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States, and the recent boom in streaming services has made it easier than ever for audiences looking for Spanish-language movies to find them. However, the picture is not so rosy for other Latin American movies and filmmakers trying to break into an industry that has been ignoring smaller independent films in favor of franchises, and the U. Latinx filmmakers still fighting for their one shot at working in the movie business. In the United States, Latinx moviegoers are almost a silent and invisible majority when it comes to representation.

Lonely hispanic girl

They buy about one out of every four movie tickets, yet make up only single-digit slivers of the entertainment industry. Back in the s, when the discussion of identities in the U. Although today, many prefer the terms Latino or Latinx — which specifically refers to those of us from Latin American countries no matter what language we speak — the U. To be considered for this list of essential Spanish-language films, one of the most prominent spoken languages in the movie must be Spanish. This is why you may notice a handful of U. To rank the movies, we used Tomatometer scores, rankings from other prominent publications and organizations, and then applied editorial considerations such as the lasting impact a film has had as well as the and types of awards it has won.

As the world of Spanish-language cinema continues to grow, there will be many more titles to add to this list.

Lonely hispanic girl

Monica Castillo, with additional research by Manuel Betancourt. Synopsis: A year-old Argentinean man is imprisoned for killing his brothers. Once he is released, he travels great distances in a Synopsis: An act of cowardice influences the lives of two Basque families over three generations Synopsis: Luciana and Pedro meet at a costume party and instantly fall in love Synopsis: A young woman begins a phone relationship with an inmate friend of her boss, and even though she's engaged, she Synopsis: Tomas, an Afro-Colombian teenager, grows up surrounded by exclusion and racism.

When his younger brother and closest friend disappear, Tomas Synopsis: The life of a young woman is followed from conception through the years when she strikes out on her own Synopsis: A Bolivian immigrant Freddy Flores in Argentina copes with bigoted customers while earning a meager living as a cook Synopsis: A strong willed girl from a poor family dreams of being a boxer Synopsis: A young woman gets caught up in the passion and fervor that marks Cuba's revolutionary history from to Synopsis: A fisherman and a naive young man begin trafficking drugs up the Pacific coast of Colombia.

As they tow a Synopsis: When evangelical gardener Alberto goes back to his hometown for his father's funeral, he is forced to participate in religious Synopsis: When the dead rise and attack the living, Juan starts a zombie-killing business, until he has to save his small Synopsis: An opportunistic young woman Yanet Mojica becomes involved with a wealthy matriarch Geraldine Chaplin Synopsis: A suicidal man Alejandro Ferretis gets a different outlook on life after he meets an old widow Magdalena Flores in Synopsis: A couple in a troubled marriage locate a meteorite, initiating an encounter with a mysterious creature.

Their lives are turned Synopsis: A poor trucker gets involved with a charity drive and realizes the woes of other people Synopsis: A criminal Leonardo Sbaraglia tries to nurse his lover Eduardo Noriega back to health after a gunfight erupts during their Synopsis: A boy spends time with his friends before leaving his small Spanish village to go study in the city Synopsis: In the early s, a young shaman in the Colombian Amazon helps a sick German explorer and his local guide Synopsis: Three siblings reunite in the Dominican Republic and face their demons as they let go of their last connection to Synopsis: Incarcerated in the Dominican Republic, an inmate uses language to communicate with his imprisoned girlfriend at an adjacent institution Synopsis: Afro-Mexicans go about their lives Synopsis: Raul dreams of escaping to Miami.

When he is accused of assault, he convinces his friend Elio to help him Synopsis: A creativity lull and a failing marriage prompt a romance novelist Marisa Paredes to seek inspiration Synopsis: A cleric Francisco Rabal puts aside his priest's garb, goes on a pilgrimage and harbors a murderous prostitute Synopsis: A woman suffers from a rare disease Synopsis: Three Spanish Civil War veterans snap while hunting rabbits with a boy on a battlefield Synopsis: A serial killer is obsessed with "Saturday Night Fever.

Synopsis: A former womanizer Eduardo Noriegadisfigured in a car crash, has trouble distinguishing dreams from reality Synopsis: A misfit teenager must take on a daunting responsibility when the patriarch of his cannibal family dies, leaving them without Synopsis: A young woman takes refuge in a strange house in the woods after escaping from a German colony in southern Synopsis: Caught up in her own awakening sexuality, a teen decides to save the soul of a doctor Carlos Belloso who Synopsis: A man searches for his dog, a traveling salesman Javier Lombardo courts a widow, and a woman appears on a Synopsis: A reporter Manuela Velasco and her cameraman record the horrifying outbreak of a disease that turns humans into vicious cannibals Synopsis: The true story of the Puccio clan, a family with a dark secret lurking beneath their seemingly ordinary facade: they Synopsis: During the summer of in Chile, three kids face their first loves and fears Synopsis: A Cuban pianist becomes smitten with a sultry singer, leading to a passionate but star-crossed romance that reaches across six Synopsis: Filmmaker Shaul Schwarz exposes the cycle of addiction to money, drugs and violence surrounding the war on drugs Synopsis: In Mexico, the traumatized son Axel Jodorowsky of a knife-thrower Guy Stockwell and a trapeze artist bonds grotesquely with his Synopsis: A Spanish film student Ana Torrent finds a videotape showing the torture and murder of a missing coed He secretly enjoys inflicting Synopsis: A young woman dreams of becoming a beauty contest queen in Mexico Synopsis: A would-be nun Silvia Pinal visits her rich uncle Fernando Reywho drugs her, and everything gets surreal Synopsis: A man and his son embark on an epic sea journey Synopsis: An antiques dealer Federico Luppi finds an ancient artifact that grants him eternal life, but in the form of a Synopsis: An unstable woman searching for her former lover finds chaos as a diverse group of strangers enters her life Synopsis: The diverse and vibrant transgender community in Puerto Rico Synopsis: A something Argentine poet on vacation in Barcelona begins a budding romance with a Spaniard from Berlin Synopsis: After a misunderstanding with a local cartel, a young man is forced to leave behind his family, friends and everything Synopsis: A veteran con man and his rookie partner try to make a big score by selling forgeries of a famous Synopsis: An year-old man poses as a resident in a Chilean nursing home to see if he can find s of Synopsis: A woman who lost her fortune befriends a younger woman Synopsis: A terrorized American engineer is held captive by teenaged guerilla bandits in a South American jungle Synopsis: Three restless teens search for folk-rocker Epigmenio Cruz on the streets of Mexico City during the student strikes of Synopsis: Three families refuse to leave a village in Northwestern Mexico that is partially flooded Synopsis: A Venezuelan boy's Samuel Lange Zambrano desire to straighten his curly hair le to friction between himself and his desperate Synopsis: The youngest daughter Lumi Cavazos of a Mexican family expresses her feelings in preparing wonderful food, when tradition keeps her Synopsis: In Mexico City, the lives of two desperate lovers, an entrepreneur who stages dogfights and a homeless man intertwine Synopsis: Luis Bunuel's surrealistic tale of wealthy citizens who find themselves trapped in the living room of a friend's home Synopsis: Alma is murdered with her children during a military attack in Guatemala, but when the general who ordered the genocide Synopsis: Nico, a young Argentine actor gives up a successful soap opera career for a chance to make it in New Synopsis: The newest resident at a remote Spanish orphanage contends with a brutal janitor, a bully and a youngster's ghost Synopsis: A woman's ghost Carmen Maura returns to her hometown to settle matters that were unresolved when she died Synopsis: A bourgeois writer Sergio Corrieri seduces a teenager and chronicles Castro's changes in Cuba Synopsis: Immigrant siblings let their imaginations run wild as they dream of going to Disneyland one day Synopsis: In the 18th century, a highly-placed servant of the Spanish crown who is obsessed with petty grudges and fantasies plots Synopsis: In Chile's Atacama Desert, widows search for the bones of loved ones, left by Pinochet's atrocities Synopsis: Archibaldo Ernesto Alonso seeks the morbid pleasure he knew as a boy, when he saw his governess get shot Synopsis: A poor woodsman enters into a strange bargain with Death in this Oscar-nominated fantasy from Mexico's Roberto Gavaldon Synopsis: A woman tries to find her son's whereabouts after he leaves Mexico to find work in the United States However, the movie has so much energy that it's thoroughly enjoyable.

Synopsis: Henchmen mistake a traveling musician Carlos Gallardo for a crazed killer Reinol Martinez in a small Mexican town Synopsis: A Mexican master Alexandro Jodorowsky le a Christ figure Horacio Salinas and other disciples to a mountain of immortal wise Synopsis: When a girl's mother disappears leaving her on her own, she goings a gang of street children, leading to a Synopsis: A waitress adds a special ingredient to an arrogant loan shark's meal in one of several tales dealing with extremes Synopsis: A member Norma Aleandro of Argentina's decaying upper class can no longer afford to pay her longtime housekeeper Norma Argentina Synopsis: Ina 7-year-old girl Ana Torrent living in a small village in Spain sees the movie "Frankenstein" with her Synopsis: A little girl Ana Torrent and her sisters are placed with an aunt Geraldine Chaplin in Madrid after their father Synopsis: Two illicit lovers accidentally run over a cyclist and leave him behind to die, fearing exposure of their affair Synopsis: A young chambermaid working in one of the most luxurious hotels in Mexico City enrolls in the hotel's adult education Synopsis: Cuba's embracement of Communism is honored in four vignettes dramatizing life before Fidel Castro and the revolution Synopsis: An aging Spanish film director in the middle of a creative crisis revisits memorable events of his past Synopsis: Simon stands on top of a stone column in the middle of the desert and prays for six years, six Synopsis: An Argentine matriarch and her cousin attempt to cope with their large families and a sweltering summer Synopsis: In Spain a lonely girl Ivana Baquero encounters a faun in an ancient maze and must complete three dangerous Top Box Office.

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Lonely hispanic girl

Follow Us. Home Home. Critics Consensus: No consensus yet. Starring: Francisco CardetAmanda Gautier. Directed By: Lisandro Alonso. Directed By: Julio Medem. Viaje Directed By: Paz Fabrega.

Lonely hispanic girl

Directed By: Josue Mendez. Imprisoned The Beach D. Directed By: Santiago Caicedo. Directed By: Israel Adrian Caetano. La Yuma Directed By: Florence Jaugey.

Lonely hispanic girl Lonely hispanic girl

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