Looking for a cute black man

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To be able to gather a spot among the most talented white men is not an easy job. But, black men have done that! With their charming skin, mesmerizing attitude and handsome looks, there are many black men who rose to stardom in Hollywood, and we know you love them all! Take a look! Now aged 81, Morgan Freeman has been in every contemporary movie you can think of. His smooth as silk and comforting voice has been used for the narration of movies and documentary films such as Penguins, and Cosmic Voyage.

His suave and formal style is timeless and inspires confidence in men of colour who are trying to break the glass ceiling. He is also into philanthropy. Freeman uses the funds collected to help people survive the aftermath of natural disasters. He also takes a firm stand on female education and has also started a campaign for the same. Idris, a year-old English actor has been working in Hollywood and British television for the last two decades. He is set to play the role of Nelson Mandela in the upcoming biopic with the same name.

His graceful salt and pepper hair and gloriously adaptable style make him one to watch out for. He is the first black actor to have won 2 academy awards. Throughout his acting career, Denzel has always received positive reviews from the critics and has seen unparalleled success at the box office ripping away the common misconception that black men are not adorably received by the mainstream white audiences.

A legendary crooner and the husband of supermodel Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, is the recipient of all four of the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry — the EGOT — i. Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. The way he makes his political statements makes him every bit as appealing to the brain as he is to the eyes.

Donald Glover is an actor, comedian, American writer and also a musician.

Looking for a cute black man

At the age 35, he became an activist along with being an entertainer. Michael B. Jordan may come off as edgy and troubled on screen, but his off screen persona is one to die for. His squared jaw and organized dre make him a heartthrob. The year-old actor embodies the essence of being a man. He is a gentleman and a charmer. A theatre actor first, Boseman has an aura of majestic pride about himself which translates into his fashion choices as well. The actor is well known for his roles as James Brown, and Thurgood Marshall, which made him the most sought-after man.

Though he was diagnosed with cancer, he never missed a schedule and has acted for films like Marshall, Da 5 Bloods while he was undergoing surgeries and treatments.

Looking for a cute black man

At the age 43, he died of stage 4 colon cancer. Faison is a comedian by profession and he carries off the clean shaven head look with ease like never witnessed before! He began acting during his childhood and later progressed into television commercials and then into movies.

He has been in the acting field for about 3 decades. Jordan Peele is the first black man to win an Oscar for screenplay. It is said that it took a long road to win that Oscar and that he almost thought of giving up the script many times.

His stormy and expressive eyes just get the message delivered right, even through the silver screen! With his hands being on all types of artistic and philanthropic works, he is one of the best all-round celebrities Hollywood has ever seen. Trilogy, alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson — but also a legendary singer. Lenny is a four time Grammy winner and holds many accolades for his music. His quirky style is to watch for as he makes the bolder choices, such as using a blanket sized scarf!

Looking for a cute black man

This rapper and actor is another example of just how agelessly good looking black men are. His constantly bearded, brooding look gives him an air of mystery with a sparkle. He has starred in countless films and has been awarded basically every award in the book! His dreamy sound and clean-cut image put him on top of our list. Damon Wayans Jr. His roles in Marmaduke and Dance Flick have made him the hottest funny guy on the market! His spectacular eyes, exuberance, confident attitude, all make him a man that everyone likes.

Did anyone hear the bell? Because it sounds like Summertime! He was the best friend Troy Bolton knew and needed most, and his cocky, dimpled smile stole many hearts. Jamie Foxx or Eric Marlon Bishop, is a well-known singer, actor and record producer. His symmetrical face, closely shaven hair and bright smile make him stand out from the rest.

Looking for a cute black man

If we could, we would put Jesse Williams in another league altogether, but if anyone could, Micharl Ealy could that league as well! His chiselled jaw, gentlemanly style and oceanic eyes make him a hot favourite. Will Smith is one of the most powerfully exuding faces to watch on screen. Ludacris has made his mark in the entertainment industry as a Screen Actor as well as musician and a performer.

His ature thin lipped moustache and otherwise rugged, bad boy look makes him one of our choices of the most handsome black men in Hollywood.

Looking for a cute black man

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Looking for a cute black man

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Looking for a cute black man

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