Looking for ab dl mommy

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Hello Billy!

Looking for ab dl mommy

What are some of your favorite video games? About me. I can be an adult when i need to be. I love care bears. I would love to be breastfed its so nice and nurturing to me. Preferably a mommy who is 20 to I love to sleep in my crib all the time. I like to go fishing, boating go to the movies once and a while. I like bowling. I have been feeling like a baby my whole life.

I like to listen to rock and Taylor Swift and lullaby music. I do not have any sexual diseases. If this is something that you would be interested in let me know. I live in Columbus ohio. How are you, sweeetie? Are you still looking for your Mommy? Hello to all the mommies who are looking for me to be your baby boy. My name is Bijan and I am 27 male who is in Alabama and I am new to being a baby boy. For my little side like I said I am new to being a baby boy and never been with a mommy in real life to take me in and really baby me and put me in diapers and just overall take very good care of me.

I would like for mommy to be able to help me become her baby boy and for her to put me back into diapers full-time and just really baby me and I am okay with relocating after me and mommy have gotten to really know each other. To tell the truth I have been taken advantage of, lied to, had fake mommies, had mommies who wanted sex from me when I am not into that, mommies who never came to get me or wanted me. If your a real mommy who is really interested in having me as your baby boy then I would love to hear from you so we can talk.

My name is Nick. I love love LOVE the water. I am very crazy but also love to just lie in front of the TV for a weekend and cuddle. I can mood swing very fast and without myself noticing. I love running around town and shopping and helping pick out outfits. I love blue and black. I love punk music pretty much all types. I am not super sexual with this but I can be in certain times but I do just love being cuddled and hang out and talk. I want someone who can make me a better person and I can help them be better person and we care for each other.

Looking for a baby…. Maybe just for fun then we see how it goes…. Message me on kik Hello i am Jack. But i have a little girl side. I am living in England. But i am happy to Skype. Leave me a message. Because little Hope wants a mommy.

Interests are as followed. Gaming mine-craft and roblox. And i am a poet and artist. I am Charles, My little space varies from 5 to I enjoy drawing, ride my bike and play with my little cars. Sometimes I go to the beach in summertime. I also like to go fishing. I am shy, I love cuddles and like watching movies. I have lots of imagination. I love being caressed, bathing and play games that may lead to touching.

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Looking for ab dl mommy

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Looking for ab dl mommy

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Looking for ab dl mommy

email: [email protected] - phone:(512) 298-7943 x 1904

looking for a mommy or babysitter