Looking for friend or girlfriend

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Looking for friend or girlfriend

However, with the following expert pointers you will learn the exact moves to take your friendship to the next level! No doubt one of the worst experiences in the world is being banished to the friend zone by a girl — Eek! And when you learn a little about communicating with a woman, you will figure out crystal clear what you need to see if there is a chance to be more than friends with your now friend. Everyone seems to be the expert when it comes to taking your friendship to the next level.

And when we dig a tad deeper into the psychology of it all, you get that much closer to the answers that will work for you. Learn the basics to start and build from there because the more knowledge you have about natural attraction and how women think, the better. The friend zone is a scenario where one person wants to be more Looking for friend or girlfriend friends and the other person may or may not be aware of this.

It becomes very difficult when nobody knows how to show their true feelings to each other. Make note that when two people are close together there are bound to be feelings developed. Some just like the physical closeness and others are looking for more romance. And when you get to know someone on a friend level, this just increases the odds of wanting more. Some people wind up in the friend zone because they are just too nice. When this happens, the girl might skip right past any of your hints for more because she is so secure in your friend relationship. Any relationship involves negotiation and what you need to do in order to get out of the friend zone is to re-negotiate your relationship.

You have to figure out how to ask for more from the other person than they are already giving you. Here are a few tactics you can implement to help balance the scales in your relationship…. The one quality a girl looks for in a man is confidence. Girls go crazy gaga when they see a man knows what he wants and is willing to communicate this. Having the ability to make a decision fast is a bright quality that will make or break you in the women department. When you are strong and decisive, this lets a girl know you have what it takes to stand the test of time if that is where the cards dictate.

If you really want your friend to be more than that, you will need to show her you are fine on your own but would love to have her by your side. Give her some special attention and leave it at that, and you will get exactly what you want. At some point you need to jump in with both feet, and let this girl you like know you are ready to make her your girl. You need to tell her that you want to be more than friends and more importantly you need to show her.

Reach out and hold her hand, hug her extra long, or maybe just kiss her one night. Enough is never enough when it comes to proven tactics to sway your best friend to be your girl. Here are a few more techniques to take action with.

According to Self Growth experts, there are oodles of different sensible tactics you can exercise in order to let your present friend know you want so much more. You may be suffering from a major headache right now if you are trying to swing your girl…friend, out of the friend zone and into girlfriend status. Turn your tune optimistic please and good things will happen.

When you want to shift from friend to more than friends, you are going to have to start changing your behavior towards her. Make her feel and see that you want to clearly be more than friends.

Looking for friend or girlfriend

Start acting a touch more flirty with her, possessive and protective. It just means he has nothing better to do or he just plain lacks the confidence to know what he wants and how to get it. When she is consciously and unconsciously thinking of you, she is naturally going to miss you when you are nowhere to be found. All you need to do is sneak away from time to time. Do whatever you need to in order make her curious what you are up to. When a girl is flattered out of the blue, it catches her off guard and that works wonders for her confidence and curiosity.

This is where you need to do a little creative thinking if you are going to successfully woo your friend to girlfriend status. On the flip side, you might want to steer clear of the standard flowers and chocolates. Take a vested interest in knowing what she likes and take advantage of having this wealth of insider information to wow her.

This reminds her that you are paying attention and you want to make her smile from the inside out. Try going out with other friends that you are attracted to and expand your social network. In order to do this, you need to convince her to do special things for you. Girls like doing favors for boys because it gives them special value. Everyone wants to feel special, loved, and appreciated. So when your friend does things for you, make sure they know you appreciate it.

And when they do, you are opening the door of opportunity to become more than just buds with this special friend. However, when you use these proven tips, tricks and strategies you will be able to create your master plan to seal the deal.

Time for you to step up to the plate and take action to get what you want and deserve. What do I do to show her I want to be more than just friends and to convince her to change her mind? Hi Noah, You probably were expressing your feelings to her too soon. You can try some of the tips mentioned in this article to win her over. Hi Noah Just tell her that you want to be her best friend and want to share every thing with her every secret of your life and every experience of your life and do something extraordinary for him.

Do something which make her propose you. I had this friend but because of my one mistake i lost her friendship day before yesterday …. But know she is angry …… She thinks that i have become over possessive towards her ….

Now i want her back …. What should i do now????? Please reply me fast …. Also, give her some space and try not to be too obsessed with her. Hi kate …. Looking for friend or girlfriend will be meeting today at am …. Please favour me that what should i do now to make our bonding more stronger and stronger …. Sorry i forgot to tell her name … her name is Akshita …. And believe me she is very cute …. Hi, has she told you why she is unhappy now?

Is this because she thinks you are too obsessive or is there another reason? Ask her what would make her happier. Hi kate, she was sad for just a day …. Now she is very happy … she has forgotten everything which happened between us … now our friendship has become very strong after that incident …. Thank you so much for your guidance …. Yes, you can share it here in the future.

Looking for friend or girlfriend

Good luck! Hi … its sorted up …. Please do me a favour that how can i make our bonding stronger and stronger …. Hi Kate My best friend Emma and I have known each other for 5 years. And we have been close for the past year. She has had some bumps in her life that I rather not get into but her last bump was last summer which she lied to me about somethings.

Looking for friend or girlfriend

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