Looking for strange and Garnavillo

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Looking for strange and Garnavillo

According to Lt. The year-old Dietrich headed home, walking toward the bridge connecting Prairie du Chien with Clayton County, Iowa, but never made it home. There was just nothing that ever said he was suicidal. Indian Isle — a one-mile wooded island on the Mississippi River — could be accessed only by boat within the Crawford County jurisdiction.

Home to about 20 seasonal cabin dwellers, the secluded island lay one mile south of the Mississippi River bridge near McGregor, Iowa. On Saturday, May 28, — Memorial Day weekend — a suspicious odor led one resident out to the shore to investigate. He discovered the body on the shore; fully clothed, the man lay face down in the sand. The resident immediately notified the Crawford County Wis.

Few tips trickled in, with none producing any ificant breakthrough. Another year passed, and in June — with retirement looming in six months — Moran decided to make the case one of his top priorities. The following week Moran met with Captain Dale McCullick and the retired Knutson, both of whom had conducted the bulk of the work on the case. She insisted she would never give up hope. Although some documents cite his date of death as Oct. Services were held at 11 a.

Paul Lutheran Church in Garnavillo. He was survived by his wife and two daughters. I agree with LuAnn, that the girlfriend should have gone after him. But, she was protecting her brothers. If it was my family member, I would be filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the girlfriend and her family.

It might force them to come clean about what happened. Easy to figure hard to prove the brothers who fought with him at the Schooner followed him and threw him over the bridge. The current flows south thus the body stock on the shore of indian Isle no one else had a motive and he sure as hell was not going to swim home. The X girlfriend has to know the truth. Unless someone comes up to tell what happened the case will never be solved.

No one else had a motive. With Elizabeth and Lyric, their date of death was listed as the day they went missing. Probably a family choice. Has it been 21 years I remember this man I alway went to sleep over at there house with his younger sister and he was a nice man. But what keeps eating me, I keep coming back and looking this case is the comment his girlfriend made. How would she know this unless she was involved in his disappearance and eventually his death?. Also was his girlfriend the mother of his daugther Haley??

I keep thinking that his girlfriend and brothers might have been involved in it. Did the authorities talk to the bartenders and any other people that might have come in contact with Brian that night to see what happened….?? Could this have been drug-related??? Since he was a biker and alland a free spirit was he the type of person that kept mainly to himself and not say much or was he out-going??

Another thing that is bugging me is why was he walking home?? Did he leave the bar after the scuffle and say Hell with it, that he would walk instead of riding home with his girlfriend and brothers. Who drove that night?? I would have, definetely left with him. I think when he was walking toward the bridge connecting with Praire Du Chien with Clayton County, Iowa he met with foul play there. I think since they found no wounds on his body that he might have been hit over the head and knocked out cold, and pushed in the river. How bad was the body decomposition.

It also says that the only way you can get to Indian Isle is by boat. Could he have been transported there by boat?? My suspicions lead to his girlfriend and I think she knows alot more than she is letting on and I think her brothers do too. Because looking the picture of Brian he seems like he was a really nice guy, full of life and he was young, and had a baby the time, Haley….

Looking for strange and Garnavillo

I know the coroner ruled that it was a drowning but I just believe that. I think there is alot more to this story then meets the eye.

Looking for strange and Garnavillo

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Looking for strange and Garnavillo

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