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Want to Read. Buy on Amazon. Rate this book. Her accident changed his life forever and when faced with the trials ahead, will Colt be able to stay on the straight and narrow or will he fall back into his old out-of-control habits? Colt is forced to carry on and to try to live a full life, but with the many changes happening around him, how will he overcome devastating news and go on to continue being the famous rock God we all love?

First published January 18, Series The Rock God 2. This edition ISBN Language English.

Looking to get my rocks off

More details. Osborn 72 books 1, followers. Exciting worlds and characters flow through her veins, coming to life on the as she laughs, cries, and becomes enveloped in the storyline right along with you. She's entirely at home when writing sassy heroines and alpha males that rise from the ashes of their pasts. K E Osborn comforts herself with tea and Netflix, after all, who doesn't love a good binge? Turn lust into love at www. Search review text. Displaying 1 - 30 of 78 reviews. Sanne Heremans. But one must get over her fears and so I did. This one was definitely less rocktar and more about life.

Roughly it describes the aftermath of Lia's accident and how Colt and she handle all that comes with that. Is it easy? Is it about life? Will it rock your emotions? Hell yes! I know that I ain't telling much but that's because there are just too many things happening and I don't know how to tell ya'll without spoiling it. So if you want to know what happened with Lia and Colt after that horrible accident? Don't be afraid and just read it! If your looking to read two books filled with angst and a true roller coaster ride; then these two are for you.

The first book 'Off Your Rocker' had me up all night reading and this one I read today. Been along time since two books kept me interested enough that I couldn't put them down.

Looking to get my rocks off

I will admit that I liked the first one a bit more that this one but the story keeps you wanting to stay with it so you know what will happen next. This is the first books I have read by Ms Osborn and I did enjoy her writing style. The two main characters, Lia and Colt have a chemistry from the very beginning, they go through so much together that it surprises you.

There were times that Lia made me mad at her insecurities but, with all she goes through it isn't surprising. Great conclusion to first book I loved the story, yes I have read similar before but loved it none the less. A couple that had so many disasters thrown at their personal lives that it took a strong love and bond to keep them together.

Lia is the most irritating female ever, cry's at the drop of a hat but I got used to her character,with her selfish ways and spoilt little madamness and Colt well he learns from his mistakes, loving,caring and a total BBF These two cannot breath and exist without each other and this makes it a hot yet beautiful story, it was a lovely journey to be taken on, nail gripping,frustrating,sad,happy a roller coaster of emotions.

This review does contain a very large and important spoiler! Get Your Rocks Off? After reading book one, Off Your Rocker, the author left us with the biggest cliff-hanger I have ever come across. I'm very lucky to have been able to review this book. Just a small recap. Even though a few obstacles were thrown in their way, they managed to resolve them and we thought yes, this is it!

A happy ever after. But no! Looking to get my rocks off strikes when you least expect it. Well, it did for this couple. Or would the fateful events of that day tear them apart forever? We were left wondering if Colt would be able to cope with what life was throwing at him. Would he let his former addiction take hold of him again? Would Lia survive? Physiologically and mentally Survive she did; however, the consequences that would devastate them both actually brings them closer together more than ever.

If I'm honest, there were moments in this book that brought tears to my eyes. No-one should have to go through what they both had to. My heart went out to them. Life was not going to be easy, but by supporting each other and with love from friends and family, I had a feeling things would be fine. And they were. Until a blast from the past lashes out when a uninvited visitor unexpectedly turns up!

A seven year old secret yet again turns their worlds upside down. Would this catalyst finally bring everything to an end? Is love alone enough to combat an extremely dire state of affairs? I found this review very hard to write as the only way I could write it would be to include the biggest spoiler of all.

And I apologise for that. A note for the author. I remember when I read book one and frantically searched for you on Facebook to find out when book two was going to be released.

Looking to get my rocks off

Fortunately, you didn't make me wait too long. Your book is a fine piece of work. The situation Colt and Lia found themselves in was handled with great care and attention and I applaud you for that. A perfectly written book that kept me on edge at all times made this book a most enjoyable read. I have read the first book "Off Your Rocker" when it was released and loved it, this series has quite an emotional range - its got angst, drama and humour as well as Ahhh that was so sweet and loving moments too.

If you are a fan of the Rockstar romance genre then you will enjoy this series. The first book ended with a real doozy of a cliff hanger and so the beginning of this book continues from where it takes off, and if you have not read the first book then I am sorry but this synopsis on the 2nd book will give a little away to what happened at the end of book 1 that had me totally floored.

Looking to get my rocks off

He is faced with an uphill struggle to deal with the consequenceswill Colt be able to stay on track or will he fall back into his old habits of drugs? Colt and Lia have a big hurdle to deal with learning to look forwards and this book deals with all the grief, depression and rehabilitation that the situation has brought on.

When you think there is a little light at the end of the tunnel, Ms Osborn will make you wait for a little longer and make your heart hurt as you journey a with Colt and Lia, I certainly was sniffing and sobbing as I read the book, but don't think its all doom and gloom, there are some lovely light moments and we also get to catch up on the lives of the other band members.

Just to make things more harder for this unfortunate couple, THE EX puts in an appearance to put the screws on a bit tighter You may be thinking Well I will finish by saying read the book and find out, it was a bit of a roller coaster ride reading it but Ms Osborn did eventually give me my HEA I will finish by saying to Ms Osborn - well done at finishing this series off with a really lovely Epilogue I Loved it :D. Rosa Sharon iScream Book Blog.

Is love really enough? All the colorful support characters are back and it's like a reunion. However: I missed the rockstar experience as this one takes place when the band, Slayed, is on break and not touring. Most of the book takes place in the minds Looking to get my rocks off the main characters as they struggle with their pain and wonder if love is enough to keep them together when so many things seem to be pulling them apart. The passion is still there and all it takes is a dirty word from Lia and Colt's eyes glaze over.

But that's not enough to change Colt's mind when he is determined to not give in. Will Lia's insecurities push him further away? Can he convince her that she's the one for him when she's convinced otherwise? She's always been a spoiled, selfish girl that gets what she wants. But what if what she wants is not the best thing for him? What if it IS, but she is just too stubborn to believe it. I highly recommend that you avoid reading near breakable objects, because you will want to throw something at one or both of them.

Looking to get my rocks off

After reading book 1 I expected something better. I am really disappointed. Therefore this book gets only 2. Author books 1, followers. Great story lines, what a ride! The ending OMG! I was shocked for days.

And still!! Dunno if I'm gonna read book 2. This book is way different to book one, it's emotional and raw. Colt is on the edge, he's beside himself with worry over Lia, at the end of book one Lia was in a very serious accident and Colt is beyond upset. Luckily Lia pulls through but in order for the doctors to save her they had to preform a surgery that has on-going devastating consequences.

Looking to get my rocks off

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