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To us, healthy vision is more than just seeing clearly. It also means having the ability and confidence to learn, focus and thrive. At Belle Vue Speciality Eye Care, we take the time to ensure every child is able to reach their full potential.

Love in belle vue

Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care is passionately dedicated to pediatric eye care. Our specialty vision services and state-of-the-art technology, coupled with our child-friendly atmosphere and caring and knowledgeable staff, make it the go-to Mississippi eye care center for.

Several years before seeing Dr. We were told by other doctors she needed same surgery again for the same issue, but instead we decided to try Vision therapy at Belle Vue. Best decision we ever made! Lott, Dr. Wish we would have tried vision therapy from the very beginning. The best combination of professional expertise and caring, individual attention around! Megan and all the staff were incredibly helpful in providing direction and care for our newly adopted twins from China, and the time they spent making sure the kids felt comfortable was over-and-above what I ever expected.

Cannot recommend them highly enough! My kids love coming here!

Love in belle vue

They are very kind, caring, patient, and friendly. Love the staff and Dr. If your child has been struggling in school, I encourage you to bring them here before you do anything else. I was completely surprised after her first evaluation with Dr. Lott because I believed she was making huge progress in school. She just did her final evaluation, and her progress over twelve weeks of therapy was astounding. I wish we had brought her here years ago. Please give the office a call. They are so great to answer any questions you may have.

Again, I cannot recommend this place enough. I am so thankful for Dr. Lott and for what vision therapy has done for my daughter. Dr Megan Lott is amazing! My daughter has multiple disabilities and she did not once hesitate to treat her. We had been to two other pediatric ophthalmologists, one which wrote her off and one which advised us to go to the Low Vision clinic, before we found Dr Lott.

Love in belle vue

My son was struggling in school and had very little confidence in himself. Lott and the staff at Belle Vue were the help that he needed! The of his vision therapy amaze me! Homework is no longer an ordeal and he is now an honor roll student. I honestly believe that the vision therapy he received at Belle Vue will help him succeed in life! Along with being professional and very knowledgeable, they have such a sincere concern for all of their patients. I cannot thank Dr. Lott and her staff enough for what they have done for my family.

The Hattiesburg area is so extremely fortunate to have them treating our children. I will always be grateful! We love Dr Lott and everyone who works there. They are so nice!! Love in belle vue of my boys went through vision therapy and the progress they made was remarkable. We can not thank them enough!! BVESC staff is always so welcoming to my children — even though having my children in the office can be chaotic.

Beyond that, they provide in depth exams that go further than do you need a glasses prescription but to try to get to the root of the matter. They provide in-house therapy and refer out for therapy. My son no longer needs glasses due to their services!!!! Megan Lott is amazing!

Her knowledge and expertise as an eye care specialist is second to none. We are so very grateful for the way she has helped our entire family. She spent countless hours preparing a plan for one of our grandsons and pouring encouragement into his heart and mind to help him overcome dyslexia. Meagan has our highest recommendation and support. My son was provided a thorough eye exam and vision testing per Dr. Outstanding, professional, knowledgeable service combined with superior excellence in listening, assessment and critical thinking skills. As a mom of 4 kids oldest is 23y.

Very impressed with Dr. Lott and office staff. If you are looking for exceptional service and expertise, this is it. Very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful!

Love in belle vue

Our little guy had a great experience, and the service and eyeglass selection is phenomenal! Lott is amazing. After 2 other pediatric ophthalmologists simply dismissed my daughter and her vision deficits, we found Dr. Lott does whatever it takes to help see! The most amazing people work in this clinic. My son has been a patient with them for 6 months.

He has Autism. They have been a miracle for us. He couldnt see. His reading on a 8. He is 7. He is more social. We have been so pleased with Dr Lott and her staff! We thought my son had dyslexia because he had so many symptoms that pointed in that direction. We even paid for therapy for a whole school year. Then we heard about Dr Lott! We immediately had him tested and started on therapy.

I could see vast improvements in confidence and interest in physical activity such as riding his bike and basketball immediately. He had always Love in belle vue these activities. We just finished a second round of therapy because his diagnosis was so bad and we were shocked at the difference in his testing after this 12 weeks. He had improved in so many areas. My favorite thing to date is that he has almost finished reading a chapter book since yesterday!! He always hated reading before therapy. His grades are wonderful now. His reading comprehension is way up.

He makes nearly all s in spelling. I could go on and on. Lott was so thorough and took the time to sit and explain everything to me. It was well worth the 85 mile trip one way! Everyone was very welcoming and polite. Would definitely send people to her. We accept out of network vision benefits for VSP. We offer CareCredit. Book Your Appointment. Our Services. Call Us. Take Our Vision Therapy Test.

Love in belle vue

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