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March Claude Leduc grew up on a farm in Quebec, Canada. From the countryside to aviation —Leduc discovered his passion for aviation when he ed the U. Air Force. From then on, he knew this was his calling. He has been dedicated to the field of aviation for 41 years. His career started with the United States Air Force, where he became an avionics technician. Leduc moved back to Canada and enjoyed working for Air Canada for 25 years, where he was responsible for different fields of tooling and technical management and logistics. Afterwards, he worked in the Middle East in Doha for Qatar Executive as a manager for logistics and warranty for almost two years.

He was the aviation support specialist there. In this long career in the aviation field, Leduc already had knowledge of and practical experience with HYDRO products and was very familiar with the overall portfolio. Now he contributes his knowledge about customer support to HYDRO as the director of customer technical integration and promotes this important aspect of the company. Claude Leduc is 59 years old, married and has 4 grown children.

He loves to spend his spare time with his two grandchildren. What does your position look like? With my extensive knowledge of aviation technology and techniques, I support the implementation of our products and serve as a technical advisor for our customers and my team. I am attached in the US, but my mandates are global. This implies that my position is characterized by a lot of travelling around the world. Face time with the customer is essential, we need to engage them at an early stage and get feedback from them to improve our services and solutions. For me, it is very important to support my customers in every way possible, so they feel taken care of at all times.

I also act as a Six Sigma Black Belt Improvement project director in my team and I am supporting them by analyzing data and pushing services. Moreover, we work as a cross-functional team including service, sales, manufacturing, etc. Another is to think outside the box, to propose non-traditional solutions.

HYDRO has a great catalogue of products and ideas, so the focus should be on customer-engineered solutions that are directly tailored to each individual customer. The goal definitely is to arrive at a win-win-situation where you have the right mindset about what best works for the customer, not just for HYDRO.

Married Hydro for chat

This requires flexibility and creativity. You need to use all your experience and knowledge to come up with something that is not offered by the competition, something unique that will improve our business and strengthen our customer relationships. There are some special requirements in the US market, but those are quite secondary.

The primary function is to ensure that we support the aircraft maintenance engineer in keeping the aircraft air worthy. It all comes down to the same tasks, the same requirements and needs at the end of the day. Well, first of all, the pandemic has put a tremendous crimp in my customer face time. For me especially, it is a completely different working environment to communicate properly with my customers while not being able to visit them. We need to be even more aware of our abilities and must sharpen our senses to ensure that we are all doing the maximum we can for the customer.

Once a group becomes Married Hydro for chat and the team becomes more focused, the more you count on everyone doing their job even more so than in the past. In the first place, you need to get requests and second you need to convert those requests. We have those two opportunities. Over the last several years, the data has shown that converting quotations to orders could be better and we definitely need to improve that. In principle, I highly support the process of change and I think the partitioning into business units was a very good decision. We are definitely on the right track. Right now, it is all about service and customer focus.

It is essential that we listen to the customer. They will tell us what they need and they will be there to tell us how the market is changing as long as we are at the front door listening. The key to success comes with communicating with the customer.

Every single day, I talk with my customers and I always get feedback from them to identify their needs. Like many other market participants, our customers are struggling during the pandemic. If we can help them in their struggle, that would create an even stronger bond. What are your personal forecasts for this year and even ?

Do you foresee any improvements in the business climate? I am working even harder this year to better reach our goal. Going forward, we have to work even harder to win over the customer since the customer base has shrunk. I would not even hazard a guess as to how long it will take to get back to normal again.

Married Hydro for chat

There are a lot of different scenarios we have heard and read about. Personally, I believe it will be somewhere in between.

Married Hydro for chat

My only view on this is as long we are in the front or even ahead of the game, we will be there when things change, and we will be part of the change. I want to be successful with the team I am working with and I want to pave the way for my successor. I am very happy to work with this supportive team. Our goal is to provide you with an optimal website experience, which is why we use technical session cookies.

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Married Hydro for chat

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Married Hydro for chat

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