Meet A Hoe Harlan Indiana

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Preserving Payne Hollow. After 17 years, Hassfurder still vigilant.

Meet A Hoe Harlan Indiana

Don Ward Editor. He was trying to decide how to end his book as he speculated about what might be said of him and his home years after he was gone. In a distant future, someone may relate, if anyone will listen to him, how his grandfather, as a small boy, used to go down into Payne Hollow when it was still a wilderness. There on the riverbank, in a house which they had made out of rocks and trees, lived a couple all by themselves.

Meet A Hoe Harlan Indiana

They planted a garden, kept goats, ate weeds and groundhogs and fish from the river, which in those days was full of fish. They never had to go to a store. The man worked with axe and hoe, without machines. He painted pictures of the old steamboats and made drawings of the life they lived. Main St. Call to register for this free event. The authors will discuss Harlan Hubbard and Payne Hollow. Authors speak from p. Sponsored by the Trimble County Arts Council. It seems so romantic. Bishop himself lives in a somewhat remote area of Boone County, Ky. Bishop occasionally makes presentations on Utopian lifestyles, including the one the Hubbards experienced at Payne Hollow.

Photo by Don Ward. They labored with their bare hands and primitive tools to keep heat in their fireplace and put food on their table. They did it all gracefully, however, combing the beauty of their natural surroundings with classical music and literature, and their devotion to each other. Anna Hubbard died inand Harlan died two years later, at age The couple had no children or close living relatives, except for nieces and nephews. And after 17 years of ownership, Hassfurder has retained the integrity of Payne Hollow, much like it appeared when the Hubbards lived there.

But as the years go by, many Hubbard loyalists wonder what will ever become of Payne Hollow? Or what should become of it? Obligation becomes a personal mission. Harlan chose to leave Payne Hollow to Hassfurder because they both agreed he was the type of person who could continue living there in a similar fashion as the Hubbards.

Meet A Hoe Harlan Indiana

The problem for him is, everyone else still regards it as the home of Anna and Harlan Hubbard. Harlan and Anna Hubbard's tombstone lies on a hill near their home in Payne Hollow. He knew the Hubbards well and he has become close friends with Hassfurder over the years. He feels an obligation to Harlan to preserve it, while also making it his home. The day-long event featured several speakers, including noted Kentucky author Wendell Berry, who wrote one of the definitive books on Harlan Hubbard. In all, The Friends of the Hubbards have sponsored three events but have been inactive since the Centennial Celebration.

Rosenthal said as he nears retirement, he has often thought about pursuing a personal goal of helping Hassfurder preserve Payne Hollow from deterioration or possible loss to future development. He has had preliminary discussions with Hassfurder and officials of the newly established Rivers Institute at Hanover College about possibly creating a non-profit organization that could raise private donations for use in maintaining the property. Money could also be used to pay Hassfurder enough to live there full time without him having to leave to take various jobs in town, as he does now.

Rosenthal said such a nonprofit entity, if created, would allow for fund raising, open the door to possible educational and cultural programming by Rivers Institute or Hanover College, and let Hassfurder retain ownership and live there. And he does a nice job of interpreting the story of Payne Hollow to visitors effectively, I think, and he wants to continue doing that. It would be difficult for anyone to live alone there. The place needs work; it needs basic maintenance.

Meet A Hoe Harlan Indiana

No one wants want it to become a sort of hunting lodge or fall into disrepair. Their new executive director, Dennis Wichelns, only took over at the institute last June after having moved to the area from California. Living up to expectations. Although he still receives many calls and letters from people wanting to visit Payne Hollow, Hassfurder said he does not actively seek out visitors.

And to try and imagine if they could live like that and be happy.

Meet A Hoe Harlan Indiana

Paul Hassfurder showing students past articles written about Payne Hollow and the Hubbard's. In the same Hubbard fashion, Hassfurder invites them in, shows them around and tells them stories about life in Payne Hollow.

There are lots of chores to be done. While most visits are pre-arranged with Hassfurder, many still come unannounced. They walk around the property and along the river and come into the house to view the loosely bound scrapbooks of photos and then their names in Hassfurders spiral-bound notebooks, much like the visitors did when the Hubbards resided there. Some walk just below the house to pay their respects to the Hubbards themselves whose ashes are buried on the hillside, marked by a crude gravestone. I was transformed every time I went down there. Canida believes Hassfurder has done a good job in his stewardship of the Hubbard legend over the years, while also trying to make it his home.

Will that person ever come who will understand us, honor us for what we really are, and respect our way of life? A collection of books that once belonged to Harlan Hubbard. He has been kind to Anna and me and helped a lot with the chores around the place. He may be the man for this place. Hubbard debated his options of what to do with Payne Hollow as he neared death. He told Hall during their interview that at one time he had considered giving the property to a conservancy, similar to the one Kentucky author Jesse Stuart arranged before his death to develop a house museum.

Upcoming Hubbard Event s. March David Bishop and Paul Hassfurder. The Council seeks local collectors who want to display their Hubbard artworks for this special occasion. CopyrightKentuckiana Publishing, Inc. Upcoming Hubbard Event s Nov.

Meet A Hoe Harlan Indiana Meet A Hoe Harlan Indiana

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