Need a spanking been a naughty girl

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Before I begin, I would like you to know that everything detailed below are real life experiences between myself and Tiffany. Today I am in a predicament, Tiffany has indicated that she has intentionally played hooky from work for the day. Typically I handle this with a severe spanking, but I would like this particular punishment to leave a lasting impression.

So, I propose that I let you, the discerning members of this site to weigh in on how she should be spanked. In the past Tiffany has been disciplined with various spankings. Her first spanking from me was with my belt. It was relatively light, being her first from me, I wanted to ease into more severe spankings.

Need a spanking been a naughty girl

The belting was over her jeans, but it still left bright red and purple marks. Her second spanking was a combination of belt, hairbrush and paddle. Her bottom was bared and she counted all the strokes. It was at this encounter that we discovered that the best implement to use on her bottom is the paddle or belt. I could tell that her bottom was on fire. The mix of belt marks and paddle marks were quite remarkable. Her bottom was a canvas and my belt and paddle created a masterpiece on her rear.

Tiffany has also received a "silent spanking". This is her least favorite disciplinary action. For those of you that don't know what a silent spanking is, it is where a Capsaicin Cream is applied to the bare bottom. The Capsaicin imparts a very warm and uncomfortable sensation to the applied area, similar to the after effects of receiving an actual spanking.

Like an actual spanking, the silent spanking lasts for a good long while, making sitting a very uncomfortable experience. However, unlike an actual spanking, there is no need to brandish an implement. This makes it ideal for covert or public discipline. Tiffany's first silent spanking occurred after a lunch meeting in a parking lot. I applied a generous amount to her bottom, making sure to massage the cream into all the areas of her behind. She reported the next day that, even though the effects subsided a few hours later, it was all reactivated in the morning during her shower.

Need a spanking been a naughty girl

At her most recent spanking, she was due to receive a hard paddling, unfortunately, during her spanking, the paddle broke and I was unable to continue with the paddle. Instead, my belt came off and was used to make its mark.

Tiffany's bottom has been reddened many times since we started, most spankings end in tears and the inability to sit for a few hours. But playing hooky, to date, has been her most irresponsible action. She has her family to provide for, skipping out on work lessens her ability to earn money to provide. It provides a poor example for her children of work ethic.

Need a spanking been a naughty girl

I think the part that really upset me was that, instead of using a sick day, there was the little white lie told to her employer. I want her to become a great woman, mother, and role model. This is why I believe a severe spanking is in order. One that will never leave her mind, one that will forever remind her to be a great woman. So I ask of you dear readers, how should my Tiffany be disciplined?

Below are the parameters for her discipline, I'm interested in how you would lay them out for her. How many strokes should she get? What state should her bottom be in? Modest fully coveredUnmodest pants down but panties covering her bottomor nude naked behind. Should she be allowed a "safe word" to allow for a break during her punishment or should she have to endure all the strokes uninterrupted? After her spanking, should she have Capsaicin cream applied, regular lotion applied, or no lotion applied?

Should she receive a mouth soaping for lying to her employer? If so, should it be a bar of soap or liquid?

Need a spanking been a naughty girl

And how long should she have her mouth soaped for? I leave this all up to you, and as a reward for participating, part of her punishment will be to write out her experience in detail of this unique punishment for your reading pleasure. Who knows, there may even be a video made. Now all is done be sure to end the night on a high note to reestablish a loving bond with your mate.

Hand spanking first make her undress touch her toes and use the belt let her have a break after 12 then bent over a high back chair legs apart and finish with a good riding crop including the tops of her thighs. First of all, I've used Capsaicin cream on myself for t pain. It doesn't seem like an erotic idea to use it as a silent spanking but maybe that's just me.

In the real world not fantasies safe words are always a good idea. Hard to misunderstand that one. I'm guessing that, when using an implement, sixty strokes is enough - unless the other person is really into that kind of thing. Hand spankings are underrated I think: those give you some leeway to continue for awhile without being too severe. Over-the-knee versus bending her over makes for variety. Counting strokes is good with implements. Rituals have their place. Both bare and clothed have their charms. With clothes you have to imagine the effects, but the other person is probably going to look latter on and you can imagine that too.

With clothes you can still feel the heat coming off her body if you rub her. Dialogue during the session offers creative options, e. Settings can vary if you have access. Inside a car has a nice improvised feel. Is a session supposedly planned ahead or is it a "surprise? I'm more into the "domestic discipline" concept - the naughty employee, student, parishioner, etc. Thank you to all for your suggestions! From these, I will set a punishment incorporating elements from each comment. Please stay tuned for the follow up story! Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now!

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Need a spanking been a naughty girl

Default Font Spacing. Default Font Face. Detect Automatically. Default Theme White. Spankingsshouldhurt 1 Stories. Dear readers, Before I begin, I would like you to know that everything detailed below are real life experiences between myself and Tiffany. Should she be spanked with a Wooden Paddle or a leather belt? Should she be made to count her strokes or is counting unnecessary? Thank you and we look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Need a spanking been a naughty girl

Please rate this story. Bookmark Story. Follow Author 2 Followers. Send Private Feedback Comments 9. Post as: Anonymous. Rubbing her during or afterwards is interesting. Corner time is fun too. You can either lecture her more or quietly have a drink or something. Different kinds of clothes - like costumes really - have many possibilities. Hope that helps. An Afternoon Play Using toy for what she is the best at, a bondage doll. A Quick Reminder Sometimes a sub needs to be reminded of the rules.

Need a spanking been a naughty girl

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