Old un still have naughty chat holes

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From a Zoom call across Brooklyn, Schwartau and P-H as Steven is lovingly referred prove talk is still chic, even in isolation. P-H: Barely any vermouth. I wanted to congratulate you on your haircut again. I faded it. P-H: Is it supposed to look like that? It seems almost intentionally asymmetrical. Asymmetry is very… I mean, just putting an A before anything is fab. P-H: I identify as ahandsome. I have seen a lot of kids in the background of Zoom meetings.

P-H: Okay, none of my coworkers have. Yet I assumed they were all older than me. I assume anyone with a whiff of professionalism is older than me.

Old un still have naughty chat holes

P-H: Like how 27 is the best age to be a graphic deer? P-H: 33 is the best age to be a martyr. That was the age that both Jesus and Alison Roman were killed. So maybe she should take that into consideration. Roman is a former Madewell girl-turned-Rachel Comey girl, who makes Mediterr-adjacent recipes for other Comey girls and their moms. I mean, gun to your head, name a single Chrissy Teigen recipe.

P-H: I have this same relationship with Padma Lakshmi. Whereas Roman was just pure self-involved martyrdom, just pure Warren witchery. I was just like, eyeroll into the back of my head. Not that Marie Kondo got involved in the drama. But she did it in some trade publicationso it seemed naughty. It goes back to Chopped. You just get thrown these ingredients and you have to like come up with something.

You know, people want fusion dishes. Although personally, I would not get sushi in Missouri. I feel like anchovies are sold out all over the city. Sardines on the other hand…. P-H: I have confused those things since the day I was born. We say packed like sardines, but the truth is anchovies also come in a can. S peaking of erasure, can you believe our technical difficulties going live last week?

Old un still have naughty chat holes

He sent me a 1 GB file of the whole thing. The cloud is Canada. P-H: Convince me that Canada is real and not just extra data storage for America. And if you think about it, paper is the original data storage and there are a lot of trees in Canada. That idea is equivalent to a book. It was this beautiful ending for the survivors. P-H: When you go through an experience like that, you feel really indelibly connected to those people.

What a disaster! They decided whatever you did after that was against the rules and they needed to take away our bandwidth. You know, I just finished a gay book.

Old un still have naughty chat holes

I read part of one of his books, many years ago. P-H: Yes, we are both pretentious. P-H: I literally was fired from politics!

Old un still have naughty chat holes

I read his autobiography. P-H: Interesting. P-H: So the next topic is going to be Instant Influencer. I really hope you watched the finale. P-H: I think this is possibly the best show of all time. So I see it as a pilot of a concept. And I think the answer is loud and clear. I just hope next season they have more contestants. Love is Blind is for millennials who are looking to get married. This is for Gen X-ers who are looking to get validated. P-H: The contestants want to be influencers, which is an inherently empty position.

How do you create this kind of scaffolding around yourself with a fake sense of meaning so you can sell a product? The goals of the challenges are literally to sell products and get people to make copy-cat videos. How far can you really take an idea when you are limited to such a small surface area?

But she was literally just doing Off-White. A single mom and a beauty influencer? Hand me a tissue. P-H: There was lots of text on the face, also. The insecure white girl—Kailin? P-H: I loved the element of the collapse of language. I mean, Tyra Banks actually Old un still have naughty chat holes the rubric for this. She invented the den mother reality show host persona. With ANTMall those girls just kind of disappear into the reality void.

The drag industry promotes making it on your own, but as a model, someone has to choose to photograph you. Part of every challenge is literally editing the video. The height differential is humiliating. P-H: You have to put on a happy face when you get sold for parts. And they do! I started watching his makeup videos and I was like, okay, he is getting kind of conceptual here.

He had a blind girl do his makeup. P-H: That is definitely a concept. We want to hear about the Salt Fat Acid Heat in the eyeliner. P-H: Maybe this is just me being a Northeastern liberal elite Warren witch worshipping the cult of professionalism. P-H: I mean, when you put s on something, it looks smart. P-H: But there is a disease in influencer culture of reacting to things without explaining your reactions.

What exactly is the issue with this versus the other 17 pieces of paint on your clown face right now? Make this worth my time. P-H: Yes, yes. On the topic of critical discourse, who am I supposed to get my pandemic news from these days? When is it safe to open Grindr? Make it make sense. C OVID is really exposing how disconnected everything is and how everyone is getting information from very different sources.

You go to Greece but you stay in a contactless hostel and have to walk everywhere in ancient gladiator boots. P-H: Not only do I have anxiety about making my secret post-quar corona plans, I also still have anxiety about being productive enough during quar. Which means kiss in Spanish.

Go on Red ScareNancy. Think about that. P-H: Nancy Pelosi is canceled. Earth is healing. Sardines on the other hand… P-H: I have confused those things since the day I was born. P-H: Is he your boyfriend, or is he a server?

Old un still have naughty chat holes

P-H: That is the sound of my mind getting blown, honey. I am the pigs. P-H: This always happens to gay people. So I identify with that.

Old un still have naughty chat holes

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Talk Hole: Alison Roman, Nancy Pelosi, and Everyone But James Charles Get Canceled