She wants to be the center of attention

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Posted January 31, Reviewed by Lybi Ma. On the other hand, receiving incessant attention can cause huge problems for both the demanding person and the community. The demanding person might grow increasingly dependent on external attention and develop a shallow and unstable sense of self. Usually, this causes anxietydepressionand an angry demand for more and more attention. Meanwhile, the environment of an attention-seeker becomes barraged with demands; everybody gets exhausted and charged with emotions.

As drama unfolds, everybody becomes unhappy. The most compulsive attention-seekers suffer from the behavioral patterns of a Histrionic Personality Disorder and truly inflame family, friends, teachers, therapists, or even a wider community.

According to the DSM-V 1people with histrionic personality disorder are at least 18 years old and suffer from a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking behavior. They have at least five of the following symptoms:. And we love to be entertained, especially during dull and dreadful times. However, when we find ourselves on the stage of real life with histrionic people and begin to act out roles for which we never consciously ed up, we are being robbed of our sanity. Histrionic people have a talent for splitting people. Suddenly, one parent is favored over the other, only to switch roles the next day.

Sometimes horrific accusations are made.

She wants to be the center of attention

Should a histrionic person find him or herself in a treatment center, the therapists might begin to fight with each other as tension builds. A group that is influenced by a histrionic person might begin to feel divided into desired and undesired people, with the histrionic person getting most of the attention as a hero or victim while the group is divided up into favorites and scapegoats.

In short, dysfunction around a histrionic has the potential to spread, terribly burdening families, draining groups of energy, and pitting persons against persons. First, accept that excessive attention-seeking cannot easily get fixed as no patterns of habits are ever altered without tremendous effort and support. Second, please pay attention to those family or group members who are generally overlooked. We must listen to the exhausted, depleted, sad, and possibly agitated others and offer compassionate support. People must realize that they were split and have played roles instead of being who they really are.

If you are a parent of someone with histrionic traits, make sure you practice extreme self-care and also look after the less demanding. In any group, we must learn to listen to each other as we find distance from the drama in which we were unwittingly part.

Furthermore, there are five strategies that can help the histrionic person scale down the demands:. As always, happiness arises when we live a balanced life and avoid the extremes of receiving neither too little nor too much attention. Happiness will only come about when we learn to rest in ourselves, meaning, when we sense a connection with existence that flows in and out of our consciousness. Andrea F. Polard Sounds True. Chapter Tranquility. Polard, Psy.

Worry is driven by mood, not logic.

She wants to be the center of attention

Anxiety holds your deepest yearnings. And you can subdue it for good. Three experts turn everything you know about anxiety inside out. Polard Psy. A Unified Theory of Happiness. Attention Five Strategies to Deal with a Compulsive Attention-Seeker Stop letting attention-seekers rob you of your authentic self and inner peace. Attention Essential Re. References 1.

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She wants to be the center of attention

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She wants to be the center of attention

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