Simple relationship with lady

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They say that a beautiful relationship is all about the little things. And we totally agree! Relationships need to be nurtured with utmost care.

Simple relationship with lady

And when you are dealing with a woman, you need to be extra careful and sensitive. Often, from all the stories that we have heard and read, women complain that their respective partners no longer take the same interest in them as they did before. Does this sound familiar to you?

Simple relationship with lady

You can deny this for as long as you wish, but the fact is that men do change after a point in relationships. Keeping a woman happy is not as difficult as it may seem like, Trust us when we say, it is very simple. Want to know? We have listed down some relationship advices for men that will change your relation for the better. All it requires is some time, dedication and your interest and see how your woman will be proud to have you as her man.

Read to know what we are talking about! Also Read - Amit Panghal vs Y. How difficult is it for you to sit down and just communicate? Whether you are watching TV, ordering food, talking about work- be it anything. Just talk and let her know about your feelings and thoughts. This will bring down the resentment if any and it will help your lady love have a better clarity. If you think there is something that might hurt her if she is told, even then just say it.

Silence in some situations will only backfire. So communicate every single day. She will be happy to listen. This is the last thing a man should do in a relationship. And if you have been taking her for granted, do not forget that she is not with you because she is helpless or under any obligation. She is with you only because she loves you.

Taking care of you and your needs is not why she decided to be with you. So respect her feelings and appreciate her love for you. If she has forgiven you for your past mistakes, do not assume she will continue doing so. Love her every single day and do it like you mean it.

Simple relationship with lady

You might have forgotten, but ask your girl and we are sure that she remembers every details of all the surprises you gave her in the early days of your love. So what changed now? These little gestures go a long way in a relationship. Surprise her not just with materialistic gifts but also sweet and romantic words. Express your love in words and see your woman blush.

Make her feel special even if you have told her how special she is once before. Appreciation is another very important aspect of a relationship. Most couples, over the years forget to say thank you. Saying Thank you is not formal, it Simple relationship with lady a way of telling your woman how much you appreciate all the efforts she takes for you.

A simple hug after she has prepared an elaborate meal is also enough to keep her happy for the rest of the day. A simple phone call while you are away at work to check on her is also a way of appreciating her presence in your life. Most Indian men avoid asking or consulting their wives or girlfriends before they take any decisions.

Remember that a relationship is about two people and not one. So before you take any decision, big or small, always rope in your partner to discuss. Show her she is important and that her opinions matter. Most men in the name of harmless fun end up disappointing or upsetting their respective partners. Staring at other women, flirting or even telling small lies is a way of disrespecting women. Avoid doing these.

Simple relationship with lady

You can always talk about other women in her presence but never sneak glances. Doing it in front of her is any day better than ogling at women behind her back. However difficult the truth might be, it is always better to be honest. No relation is a good relation without honesty in it. Whenever you want to tell something that you think might offend her, just change your tine and put it across in a sweet and nice manner. But to keep things peaceful; at the moment, do not lie.

This will only make way for more problems. If you have promised something to her, make sure you get it done somehow. No woman likes a man who cannot stick to his words. This creates a sense of mistrust and it will only lead her to nagging you. So promise only what you can do and fulfill your promises. Time is the most important factor of a strong relationship. Spend time with her, go out on dates and give her all your attention. Some people do give their physical presence but are constantly working on their laptops. A woman needs your attention both physically and emotionally.

Sex is also as important as romance to keep a relationship strong. If your relationship lacks sex or romance, you may start seeing it fail. So make love to your girl to build a sizzling chemistry. Love making will also bring you closer to your girl.

Treat your woman the way she deserves to be treated. Follow these relationship advice for men and see how your girl will be proud to have you as her main man. For now, just go hug her and tell her how much you love her. The smile on her face will keep your relationship happy.

Simple relationship with lady

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