Swinging in Kansas City, Kansas.

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Hi all, Wondering what the swinging scene is like here in Kansas City? I see there is a swinger's club or two e. The Spotthas anyone been?

Swinging in Kansas City, Kansas.

What were they like? Other than that am wondering if there's a scene and how it happens. Someone told me there are neighborhoods with like-minded swingers, but they could have been pulling my leg. Single girl here. Based on my past posts you can see I was quite active in the scene in NYC. I was really excited for a second because I thought you were talking about swing dancing.

That definitely exists in Kansas City, and probably more so than the OPs meaning. I'm sure Fetlife has plenty of what you're looking for.

Swinging in Kansas City, Kansas.

I'm from Wichita originally and the scene there was surprisingly huge, so I can't imagine it not existing here. I know there used to be one this guy had out in his house in Olathe. He used to advertise all the time in the Pitch. Club Erotica in Lawrence is another one. Man I keep stumbling on to sexual swinger groups but I'm having the hardest time finding one for dancing. I understand how you feel. I mean it gets real old going to an orgy where I'm the only guy and I'm having to service all these young women until I'm exhausted.

I've been trying to find swing dancing but the internet has been no help. Best of wishes to you. From what I understand Nick and Jakes at th and metcalf has a swingers scene. Not sure if it's a specific night or not, but look for keys on the bar. Nick and Jakes bar on th and Antioch in Overland Park. It's a swingers bar. Is it really?

Had dinner with wife and toddler there a few weeks ago :. Am I the only one that finds that kind of odd?

Swinging in Kansas City, Kansas.

Isn't it a sports bar? I worked there for a couple of years and have heard that rumor, but never actually noticed any such thing taking place. My friend says the scene is dying and there aren't as many clubs as there used to be. You have to have clean full set of teeth for them to hook up.

But they don't look at themselves in the mirror. Names of places! There's also club lifestyle. Friend says check out clubforeplay. The Green Lady Lounge downtown used to be a swingers club for sure. I have no idea if it still is. Might try there. Found the internet! Swingers in Kansas City.

Sort by: best. Continue this thread. They just moved to Independence. Just go to Funkytown, man. Can you explain the keys. Man, I thought this was gonna be about a golf club. Came here with a baseball bat If on fetlife look up The Red Door. More posts from the kansascity community. A subreddit dedicated to the Kansas City metro area. Created Oct 13, Top posts july 23rd Top posts of july, Top posts Back to Top.

Swinging in Kansas City, Kansas.

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