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Authentic Beauty Concept. I was lucky enough to receive the glow try me kit! I have used it twice now and I couldn't be happier with the ! I love the cleanser and conditioner and the smell is soft enough that it's not overwhelming but smells good all the same. I live pretty smelling hair and beauty products I can't lie but sometimes they can be just overwhelming. When you have a hair product that's strong and use lotions and body sprays it can just get to be too much. I didn't find that at all with this product.

The smell is subtle but fresh so it made my hair smell nice without being so strong that's all you smell. I like my hair smelling clean but I don't need it being the only thing you smell when you walk by! I live that this product is vegan, performance driven and cruelty free!

That really is something I try and be very aware of in products. I can't say enough about the glow mask. That may just be my favorite part of this kit. As I mentioned the cleanser and the conditioner rock. They both went on easy and spread through my hair very well. This is a bug deal to me since I have very long hair and if it doesn't I have to use a lot more product to get through it. I wear my hair up a majority of the time and I color my hair frequently.

It's been bleached to do fun colors lately and I just recently went back more natural. With that my hairs been very dry and breaking on the ends. Too much fun in this quarantine experience I suppose. With that being said I Had recently ordered a product before I received this one that was advertised on Facebook.

It's for helping hair feel more "virgin" after damage. Well I used the two tubes I ordered and I can tell you it didn't even compare to the glow mask. I was pleasantly surprised as the kit I received was very small and like I said with long hair I go through products. With the sample I was able to use it twice already and still have at least another wash if not more because the product worked through my hair very easily. My hair is long and straight. I have a lot of hair but isn't not full by any means. However having it tied back a lot gets it all knotted and tangled so a shampoo or cleanser with this line has to be able to spread through all that mess.

I was again happy to see I didn't have to use a ton of cleanser then stand there trying to rinse all that product out! The conditioner was very similar a little goes a long way. I almost with out thought used too much. I did however want to try with a little just to see and I'm glad I did.

Try me sweet blonde

I can see this being beneficial for me in the future as you wouldn't have to go through the product fast. I will spend money on products that work and I love but I don't want to have to purchase them all the time if avoidable. I have already spoken to a couple friends and my family members about this set and I know when they felt my hair they were impressed. I showed them the size I received and like me they couldn't believe it did what it did and I still have some left for more washes.

I didn't even have to wait to use this the second time to see. From the first was I was able to see a difference and be impressed so for me that's huge. I did wait another wash just to see if there was a difference between letting it air dry or using my blow dryer and I'm happy to say there wasn't a ificant difference between the two drying processes. I will be buying more of this from Authentic Beauty Concept. I definitely recommend but really suggest getting all three products. As I did use all three both times. I saw no difference in my hair except maybe more breakage when I styled it like I normally do I have had much better from the products you can by elsewhere I guess we're not allowed to use the Wally world name in our reviews then this tiny tiny sample this is a sample size not a full size bottle.

This Glow Try-Me kit is awesome for my colored hair! I like to use purple shampoo every other day and this glow set is great for the days I don't use my purple shampoo! My hair feels so much softer and hydrated.

Try me sweet blonde

I love that I don't have to worry about my color fading either. I applied the cleanser and conditioner during my daily shower routine, every other day and the mask once a week. The mask was my favorite out of this lovely trio! These all made my hair smell quite amazing as well.

I am definitely going to have to pick up full sizes of these products once I run out, which will be very soon! Veryyyyy mixed feelings about this. Loved the packaging. Easy to apply and smells great. The Glow try-me kit from Authentic Beauty is a perfect little set for those with colored hair. The shampoo and conditioner help my hair to feel clean and fresh, while the mask made my hair super soft. Since they are formulated specifically for colored hair, my blonde feels bright with each wash.

The mask is also super hydrating, which is definitely necessary for color treated hair. While I love that it's a registered product of the Vegan society, I wasn't wowed by the product especially at the price point and amount recieved at that price point. Roughly an ounce doesn't go far for my longer hair, I liked how my hair looked at after using it but I won't purchase it again.

I have vibrant pink and purple pieces in my blonde hair, so I am very careful about the products I use on my hair. Vibrant colors are easy to damage, fade, etc.

Try me sweet blonde

These products however, only enhanced my color making it brighter and more vibrant, and making my hair feel and look healthier overall. I was very pleasantly surprised. The smell was good as well. I also had never done a hair mask before, but let me tell ya, if you haven't go do this one now!

It made my hair so soft and pretty. Does have sulfates though. I colored my hair on a Sunday. My first wash was the following Wed. I used the Glow Cleanser why is it not called shampoo? My hair was so silky and shiny!

I would highly recommend these products. I would have given 5 stars if the scent was different. It's a pretty scent just not my go to. It's spicy and I personally prefer a fresher brighter scent. Obsessed with this and the smell, hair mask was probably my favorite but very good quality all around! Will purchase full size! Tried out the kit with my first wash after a new dye job. Barely any color came out in the wash, and my usually unmanageable hair feels absolutely amazing.

I love this brand and this is such an amazing set! I love the size of the products, easier to try all of them! I really loved these products. I felt like it super helped out my hair and made it shiny and renewed. In the winter months, my hair gets so dull and lifeless and these products from Authentic Beauty brightened my hair and made it look shiny and new.

I used the products in this kit in my shower. I don't currently have colored hair but I love hair products that are catered specifically for colored hair because they are super gentle and don't dry out hair or scalp. This kit is so no different! I loved using the three products together, they really do compliment one another. The gel like cleanser really cleaned my hair well. The creamy conditioner promoted shine and softness in my hair.

Try me sweet blonde

The soft cream hair mask was easy to use and rinse off. It made my hair soft too. What I love the most about this kit is that it completely separated my strands and so it was easy to dry my hair as well as easy to comb it. Another unique thing about this kit is that the luxurious scent in my hair remained for about 3 days after wash.

These products are vegan. The packaging is super cute. This kit has everything I need to keep my hair looking great. My hair looks and feels better after every use and I definitely recommend these products!

Try me sweet blonde

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