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Ottawa, -Tune 24 An English speaking Catholic member of the cabinet, state, that a decision has been reached not to Introduce any remedial legislation. Thin tallies with Mr. Foster's private iis. A member or parliament told your correspondent today that if Mr. Oniiuet Insists on re-media! Ottawa, June No announcement has been made as yet concerning the Dominion government's intentions regarding fcrnnltoba schools.

Since the Manitoba legislature decided to reestablish separate schoo's, the three French ministers who nre in the cabinet have been striving to convince Premier Bowel!

Winnipeg morning car date harco

The French ministers s ly that there Is a prospect of all the French Conservatives from Quebec, twenty-eight invoting against the government if this i-; not done. The Ontario Con. They I. Thl-i won! Manitoba's official reply is on the way to Ottawa find as soon as It is received the government will be cnnipe'letl to take some action. The Liberals nre saying nothing, but nre awaiting developments. Determined Suicide of an Ontario Bachelor. Kingston, June A most determined case of suicide took place. An old bachelor named Thomas Hutton, who lived alone.

He drove a staple in the floor, passed a string through and tied it to the trigger of a rifle, then sitting on the floor he pluced the muzzle against his heart pulled the string anil fell back dead. His clothes took lire and burnt his breast hadiy. In hi.

He was in gooA circumstances. Toronto, June 24 Charles Durand, an a. Smith, who was defendant, and was giving evidence, a quarrel occurred in which Mr. Smith called Durand an "Anglican scoundrel. Durand without waiting to'waih H away and have his wound dressed, went to the police station and swine ut a charge agaiast his assailant. Wet Selkirk, June Toronto, June 2L-Ilon. Hardy and Mr. Speaker Ifalfour, of the Ontario legislature intend to visit Ra. Lincoln, Neb. A riot occurred yesterday among the convicts of the state penitentiary.

The guards had thrown open a tier of cells to let out a squad f convicts, when Immediately an Italian prisoner, named Scale-i dashed out aimed with a stiletto, which he had made of scrap iron, and savagely attacked a fellow-convict. The fight became geueia', all the liberated convicts and the guards ing in the melee.

Every man who ljarbored a grudge against another took advantage of the opportunity to "get even. He boon ran afoul of Guard Dan Athen, who struck him on the head with a loaded cane, cutting a deep gash. The Italian was removed to the hospital. Petersburg, June 24 Over houses have lieen de-trovefl by fire at Vishnee.

Many In-liabittmts perished. In-duced at last to tiy SarsapariMa Jjvas surprised after takinp it two weeks, to lind I was gaining strength, and now J am pleased ihlyT am ,tj.

Winnipeg morning car date harco

Lincoln, m. Highest Awards World's Fair Chicago. Chicago, Juue By the explosion of a steam valve In the whaleback rhrlfcnnlifir ColumbUS, Off Wnukeegnn on Saturday night, two men were killed eunl thirteen dangerously injured. It was In the liotne- openlng summer excursion to Milwau kee wiin aiNjuu ouw u uwi Christopher Cojumbus was racing at the time with the Virginia, a rival excursion boat. San Francisco, June The steamer C'aptlc arrived last night from, Yokohama, bringing the.

Time 7. Although no International complications mre apprehended on Formosa'sthe latent, Korean developments are justly regarded with grave anxiety. Count lnnuye, Japanose -representative at Seoul, bus been called osten sibly to take part in the consul ta,tion as to the future policy of Japan, but It is really believed to disciu-s i4ie question of abandoning entirely the attempts to introduce social and political reforms into a- corrupt monarchy.

While -a few weeks ago the dominating influence in Japan was securely immintjained, but flnce the announcement that Japan had acceded to fclne recent demand of Russia ,'i nil her allies, the lvoreans convinced ttiemsselve that Uussln alone was to be feared and counted that they may nafely repudiate pled ges to the is-taiwl empire. The ministry of Kim Hong, which rides under Inouye's guidance was overthrown on Juue 1st and a new cabinet wins formed, the leadlmg members of which are avowedly opposed to the adoption of Japanese methods of.

Public affairs pre now cant railed by the queen through her adherent's administration. London, June The Times dispatch from Kobe says that the Japanese government wn determined not to permit an agitation of their policy. The t committee of the opposition parties has been dissolved and their "meetings prohibited. Despite these measures reconstruction of the cabinet is probable whortly.

Count Inouye has returned to Japan mud the Korean cmeetlorn iw being enriietly dlscusi-ed.

Winnipeg morning car date harco

Par:s,June Two well known women of Paris have been summoned lately before the police court. Juliette Adaan, director of the Nouv-elle Revue, accused by M. Bernhardt did not appear and was fined five francs for each charge. Adam may not get off so easily. Weyl holds that an article in the Noavelle Revue accused hiun of writing in favor of England and reproaching Mm for having made elforts to save Captain Dreyfus, recently convicted of espionage.

London, June Raskin has written a letter In reply to the cpies-tlon, ought parents to leave a fortune to their children. He says that parents ought to educate and maintain their children until they reach their maturity.

Winnipeg morning car date harco

When they are strong throw them out of the nest, bat let the nest be always open to them. No guilt should ever stand between child and parent. The doors should be always open to n daughter who Is a harlot or a son who is a thief, if they return, bnt no fortune should be left them. Constantinople, June The plot recently discovered among the students of Pancaldi college, is more serious than at first supposed, owing to the government having luushed up the details; but it ILs understood that the students were Instigated by dissatisfied officers, and civil officials.

Several of the latter have been ,a,rrested and a nmmher oi compromis'lm; documents seized. New York, June 24 Wm. Caesar, convicted of the murder of Mary Martin, this morning was sentenced by Recorder Golf, to die in the week beginning July 29th. Richard Leach, who murdered his mistress, whose motion for a new trial was denied by the court of appeals, was to-day resentenced by Justice Ingraham to die the week commencing Aug. Hall Caine, -the novelist, wlil spend the summer at the Isle or Man. He will take the chair at a dinner to be given by the literary friends of Sir Walter Besant to that distinguished author.

George Di, Maurier has comp eted a new novel, but declines to give any Information as to its subject or pur-chn ser.

Winnipeg morning car date harco

Indianapolis, June The supreme court, at a fpecinl sitting, has decided that the anti-Itoby racing law, passed by the last legislature, is valid in nil parts. Under the decision there can be no winter racing ut Roby, and only summer races two weeks in forty-five days. Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This Is considered by the Partisans of the Central American Union as a step toward the early consummation of the union.

New Bedford, Mass. An ectric car containing six nn. Spencer, notlein? I believe the advent of socialism. The Marquis of Salisbury conferred this morning with Right Hon. Joseph Cham tier lain, Unionist leader or the House of Commons, at his house in London and proceeded to Windsor at In reply to the summons of the Queen, following the reation of the Rosebery ministry ou Saturday. In the House of Commons to-day there was n most animated scene and outside the houses of parliament large crowds of people gathered early, discussing the situation.

Winnipeg morning car date harco

Speaker Mr. Court Gully, took the chair at 3 p. Campbell-Bnn-nernian entered the house amid prolonged Liberal cheers. Balfour followed and was greeted with vigorous cheering from his supporters. Vernon Hareourt, entered the ouse and the Liberals ro3e In a body nd cheered him to the echo. The sup porters of Mr. Chamberlain made a similar demonstration hen the Unionist leader entered the house. Sir Wm. Yeinon Jta.

The government of course, associated themselves with their colleagues, feeling unable to pass the votes for supply. The government Tetvgned, and the reation -ha. Under ordinary circumstances It would have been iLivcumbent for me to move an adjournment, but a-s the seals' fisheries bill must be passed before July 1, when lit has passed its third reading the government will move tine adjournment of the house.

Tears were in the eyes of Sir William when he uttered these last word. Balfour criticized the conduct of the government. He said he thought the constitutional manner of proceeding would have been to advise the Queen to dissolve parliament instead of tin-owing the burden of continuing the government on the opposition.

Most oi the members left when the House went into committee. Numerous questions were asked in regard to the agreement with Russia on the Retiring Sea question, and the complaints received from the government of the Dominion of Cannda on the same subject, The parliamentary secretary of the foreign office, Sir Edward Grey, In reply, said satisfactory assurances had been given Canada on the points raised in behalf of the Dominion.

The seal fisheries bill then passed its third reading. Charles K. Tanner, member of the middle division of Cork, anti-Parnellite, raised a disturbance by exclulinlnir he did not see whv the fisheries bill should be given preced ence over the Irish laud bill.

The house then adjourned.

Winnipeg morning car date harco

The Dally Telegraph L. What happened to imem may recur again and again if jujiiioncio uuuiu mue tan uazaru oi ne-iug again and again publicly declar ed untrustworthy as Mr. Campbell Banrierman was on Friday. But it is the duty of the opposition to force Lord Rosebery's government to dissolve; there is no re- Ollircmcnt, either Of nprsnnnl hnnnr n. O'Connor in the Sun says : 'Th- tactical advantage in the reation are palpable.

Thc Tories have-to take office at a time when things will not be very comfortable for them, and on an issue on winch they are certain to expose themselves, to a very damaging attack. Then, being transformed from the opposition to the government the Tories have to an- ince a poucy instead of denouncing one. Fina'ly a few us nreatning space will give the Liberals ti; retiect and decide upon a definite and clear policy for an npppal to the country.

There are Beveral good reasons why the Tories should refuse uo tnke olii at this jnnctuie, but on the other band they place themselves in an awkward position' if, bavins; created the crisis they refuse to face It and accept its responsibilities.

Winnipeg morning car date harco

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