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Witnesses the experiences of Chinese women who willingly underwent years of suffering to contort their feet into an erotic symbol of beauty and eligibility, a pair of small feet -- three-inch golden lilies. Some of these women tell of the event that branded their lives, confronting the viewer with a custom that subjugated women to a brutal beauty myth.

Gay men and lesbians who were in the United States military service during World War II discuss their experiences with the response of the military establishment towards their sexual orientation. Dirty Laundry speculates upon the buried narratives of gender and sexuality in Chinese-Canadian history of the 19th century, when Chinese communities were almost exclusively male.

Scorpio risingcol. Thomas Keith, Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Long Beach, looks at misogyny and sexism in mainstream American media, exploring how negative definitions of femininity and attitudes toward women get constructed and perpetuated at the heart of popular culture. The film tracks the dynamics of misogyny across a broad range of media phenomena: including the hyper-sexualization of commercial products aimed at girls, the explosion of violence in video games aimed at boys, the language of hip-hop artists and talk radio shock jocks, and caricatures of femininity and feminism found in the American popular culture mainstream.

The case is made that the devaluation of women based on gender can harm boys and men as well as women and girls. During the reign of the Ottoman Empire, hundreds of women were brought as slaves to the imperial harem at Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Most would spend their lives as the personal property of the Sultan, but some would learn that sex equals power. A feature-length look at a vanished world that long captivated the West. These are the stories of the women who dared to use their skills of seduction to gain power and prestige and the unexpected inner workings of the Ottoman harem.

Holy Water-Gate explores the lengths to which sexual abuse has been obscured throughout the nation. It presents testimony from an admitted priest perpetrator, church officials and victims, as well as the story of Father John Bambrick who was himself molested by a priest as an adolescent and continues to seek justice for fellow victims. Through interviews with Alfred Kinsey's research assistants, his children, people who took his sex questionnaire, and historians, this documentary assesses Kinsey's remarkable achievements.

Kinsey is a portrait of a man driven to uncover the most private secrets of the nation, and journey into the mystery of human behavior. His book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male irrevocably changed American culture and created a media sensation. Between andan inordinate of men tried for sodomy in Vancouver were Sikhs. Intwo Sikh mill-workers, Dalip Singh and Naina Singh, were entrapped by undercover police in Vancouver and accused of sodomy. This experimental video stages scenes from the trial, told four times: first as a period drama, second as a documentary investigation of the case, third as a musical agit-prop, and fourth, as a deconstruction of the actual court transcript.

Rex vs. Singh is a speculative interplay between homophobia and racism in this little known chapter in Canadian history, inspired by the research of Gordon Brent Ingram. This program explores the history of sexual stereotypes as presented in the media. Film clips, television advertisements and sitcoms, and so-called documentaries from the s, 50s, and 60s show men as domineering masters, and women as their doting subordinates. As a classroom teaching tool, the program encourages discussions regarding the media's continuing role in reinforcing sexual stereotypes, as well as the ongoing sexual biases that nurture them.

Filmmaker Xiaoli Zhou takes a fascinating journey into the heart of The Women's Kingdom to discover a society of powerful women whose future is on the brink of change.

Women want sex Brent

This documentary-fiction film begins as an investigation into the life and work of controversial psychologist and philosopher Wilhelm Reich and then explodes into a free-form narrative of a beautiful young Slavic girl's sexual liberation. Banned upon its release in the director's homeland, this art-house smash is both whimsical and bold Women want sex Brent its blending of politics and sexuality. The celluloid closet D Lang. Assembles footage from over films showing the changing face of cinema homosexuality from cruel stereotypes to covert love to the activist triumphs of the s.

Many actors, writers and commentators provide anecdotes regarding the history of the role of gay men and lesbians on the silver screen, taking into public attitudes, attitudes within the film industry, and official censorship. MEDIA Chinese foot binding the vanishing lotus Coming out under fire c David Halberstam's the fifties. Volume 4, A burning desire [videorecording] During this time of social claustrophobia and sexual taboos, a handful of individuals brought a world of suppressed desires into the open.

The publication of the famed "Kinsey Report" in particular exposed widespread hypocrisy about sex. Deborah Tannen in-depth Deborah Tannen. Is gender the most important factor affecting conversational interaction? Are these patterns cross-cultural? What about power and dominance? How are linguistic and psychological approaches different? DANA Denmark she! Examines the psychological realism and innovative filmmaking techniques exhibited in early Danish silent films.

Shows how the creativity of key figures in early Danish cinema and the feminism and liberal sexual attitudes in Denmark contributed to the sophistication found in these early films. Erotikus a history of the gay movies ? An extremely well produced, excellently written, and cleverly edited film history of gay movies from the earliest art-pose films, the films first seen in male movie houses, the gay movie as an art form, and finally the hardest of the hard-core. Erotique An anthology of four erotic short films with a distinct female point of view.

The Experiments This program features two bizarre 19th century experiments in which women are the subjects. In the first, entries from the personal diary of Dr. James Barry are used to dramatize the female physician's lifelong masquerade as a man. The second story dramatizes the relationship between poet Arthur Munby and Hannah Cullwick.

A hidden life The paper told the sordid story of a man with two lives: in public, he had once sponsored legislation forbidding gays from teaching in public schools, while in private, the paper alleged, he was trawling for young men online, using the trappings of his office to lure them into sexual relationships. But as bizarre as the revelations were, so too were the newspaper's methods. For months, a middle-aged 'forensic computer specialist' had posed as an year-old boy online, engaging the mayor in a relationship that became more and more intimate, ultimately exploding on the front of the newspaper.

Frontline investigates the complex relationship between politics, sexuality, fear and judgment in one all-American town--Container. Holy Water-Gate abuse cover-up in the Catholic Church The Illustrated handscroll tale of Genji Presents and describes the 12th century handscroll version of Genji monogartari The tale of Genjian 11th century Japanese novel which centers on the romantic relationships and adventures of the noble hero, Genji.

Images of women in American society in the twentieth century Deals with the stereotypical "traditional" images of women in American society, from the 's to the 's. The same theme emerges in all of the television shows and commercials: women should be beautiful, good, and interested only in being subordinate to the needs of men and family. These "standards" appear to apply to American women, regardless of race or social class. These film clips show how, despite the great progress that American women have made in this century, sexual steoreotypes still persist.

Kinsey Kinsey c A documentary film on the life of a Khoi Khoi woman who was taken from South Africa in and exhibited as a freak across Britain. The image and ideas for "The Hottentot Venus" particularly the interest in her sexual anatomy swept through British popular culture.

Women want sex Brent

A court battle waged by abolitionists to free her from her exhibitors failed. Ina year before her death, she was taken to France and became the object of scientific research that formed the bedrock of European ideas about black female sexuality.

Love Clips, from chaste black-and-white Hollywood classics to more full-flooded fare from the '60s and '70s, showing women's love, lust, longing and revenge. Maedchen in uniform Living in the prison-like confines of a Nazi boarding school, a young girl finds herself choked by the institution's strict regimentation and rigid discipline.

Under the unbending rule of a matriarchal staff, she falls in love with the school's only caring teacher. When the principal finds out about the affair, her harsh punishment drives the girl to the brink of suicide. A marriage InBritish historians broke the code in Anne Lister's journal, to discover the first pre-twentieth century written of a sexual relationship between women.

Women want sex Brent

This dramatization, tells the story of her relationship with a local married woman, with whom Anne, too, considered herself married. Our bodies, our minds The seven women in this film represent an encouraging subsection of the feminist movement, known as sex-positive feminists.

These feminists stress tolerance of sexual diversity, freedom to express one's sexuality and identity, the rights of sex workers, and the importance of making sex-related information available. The perfumed garden Through interviews with men and women of all ages and classes this film explores the myths and realities of sensuality and sexuality in Arab society, a world of taboos, of erotic literature and films.

Rites Penny Dedman and Debra Michaels. This program explores the custom of female circumcision which has been commonplace throughout history and is still practiced in many cultures. It discusses the efforts of women throughout the world to stop the practice. Sex in a cold climate This film follows the stories of four young women, detained between the s and the s, in Magdalen Asylums, run by corrupt and sadistic Catholic nuns in Ireland.

The purpose of the asylums was to correct the supposed sexual deviance of young women. Sexual orientation issues in the U. A Tony Labriola, J. Part one talks about homosexuality, the difficulties of gays and lesbians in establishing open relationships, homophobia, and violence against homosexuals. Part two discusses the experiences of individuals who were denied equality because of their sexual preference and specifically "The Forgotten Boy Scouts," an organization of individuals expelled from scouting because of their sexual orientation.

DANA cassette 1 cassette 2. Sexual stereotypes in media superman and the bride

Women want sex Brent

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