Women want sex Country Club

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A golf course is a special place. It's a site of competition, friendship, tradition and memories. For some, though, it's more than that. They look at a golf course--usually in the wee hours, framed by moonlight, perhaps--and think, You know what?

Women want sex Country Club

That would be a great place to have sex. A middle-age Dartmouth graduate who asked for anonymity--we'll call him Matt--has fond memories of golf-course hookups in his college days. Because Dartmouth dormitories didn't have a lot of single rooms, "we had sex in a of places outdoors" during the summer and fall terms.

It was secluded, and the greens were smooth and soft, and pretty flat. Thinking about all the chemicals in them, I guess that wasn't so smart.

Women want sex Country Club

But I wasn't too concerned about it then. Matt and his girlfriend were never caught in the act, but Steve Lyon, Dartmouth's golf-course superintendent fromsays his staff encountered 50 to other couples during his time there.

Women want sex Country Club

The maintenance crew would often find them before dawn, wrapped in blankets or sleeping bags. Or they'd go scurrying from the course as its sprinklers came on. Lyon didn't let it bother him much. He repaired them just like he would take care of an unfixed ball mark. Beer cans, wine bottles and champagne corks were pretty standard leave-behinds. College golf courses naturally attract a lot of nighttime romantics, because, you know.

But they're by no means the only ones. We recently asked golfers to complete an online survey about their "after-hours" experiences.

Women want sex Country Club

Almost a third of the 1,plus respondents said they've had sex on a golf course. Think about that for a second. One in three! This means one of the golfers in your usual foursome has probably done it. Apologies for the mental image that might have created.

Women want sex Country Club

We're not claiming this was a scientific survey, representative of all golfers. The respondents were almost all male, and 60 percent were 24 to 44 years old. But their answers are interesting all the same. Ninety percent of the people who've had golf-course sex enjoyed it enough to recommend it to others. His first experience was more than 50 years ago, but he'll never forget it.

On a scale ofwith 1 being the worst place to have sex and 10 being the best, our survey respondents gave the golf course a solid 7, on average. But golf, sure. What's not to like? Minor stuff, mainly. Dew is a common complaint, Women want sex Country Club with grass stains, bugs and darkness. Almost three-quarters of our survey takers said they were worried about getting caught. But not too worried: Among that group, 72 percent said the fear of being discovered actually added to the appeal.

On the other, inhibition. Some people would be like, No way I'm going to have sex on a golf course. The grass is wet and cold, I'm too exposed, I'm not interested in this. Others say, Wow this is really different, and aren't we doing something illicit and exciting! It's in our nature. For some people, risk-taking is a big part of what motivates them. Note, too, that fewer than 5 percent of our respondents said they've been caught--and none of them reported any serious consequences.

John, a bar manager who asked us not to use his last name, wound up with a woman in a greenside bunker at North Carolina's Ballantyne resort early one morning in the s. It was awkward, but I wasn't scared they were going to arrest us or anything. We just gathered all our stuff and left. Around the same time, a young man we'll call Richard was working at a golf course in his native Ontario. He took a date out onto the course one night, and they spent some quality time on the second green.

The next morning, he says, the general manager called Richard into his office. If you're going to do that, at least keep it off the green. Two-thirds of our respondents have had sex on the course multiple times. Twelve percent say they're in double-digits. Tammy Gollihue, an Ohio paralegal, has done it only once on a golf course--while she and her husband, Jamey, played a deserted public course one evening last summer.

Women want sex Country Club

But Tammy, 39, is game to give it another go, if the right opportunity presents itself. I don't know the course and would be scared. I'm more comfortable at our home course. The green is the most popular place for sex. Half our respondents said they'd done it there. Fairways 35 percent and tee areas 30 percent were next most common. The practice area, normally close to the clubhouse and thus a likely place to be noticed in flagrante delicto, is least popular--though 11 percent say they've done it there anyway.

Stan, who works in the entertainment industry, chose a very specific place at his country club: a spot on the 11th fairway where he consistently had trouble hitting an accurate approach shot. Did it work? Hank, a college student from Connecticut, is a self-described "golf purist. They considered a bunker, but then remembered an uncomfortable experience at the beach.

It wouldn't be the last time they got busy there. Eighty percent of our respondents say they have gotten it on in the great outdoors. Which should come as no surprise to Brooklyn songwriter Jonathan Coulton. I always remind them that the song isn't meant to be an instructional manual, and I ask them to please not mention my name if they're arrested. If you told us you hadn't done the deed on a golf course, we asked why.

Does it seem distasteful? Are you concerned about the legality, or being caught? More than 80 percent--far and away the biggest response--said the main reason was, "I've never had the opportunity. Is it legal to have sex on a golf course? Probably not. Most states have laws making public sex a crime. If you're caught in the act, you're likely to be charged with indecent exposure or commission of a lewd act, or both.

Women want sex Country Club

Not to mention trespassing. The definition of lewd varies from state to state, but it's safe to say that having sex in a public place always qualifies. The question is, what constitutes a "public place"? Courts in some states have ruled that couples were not in public if they were hidden from passers-by--in a parked car on a dark road, for example, says San Francisco lawyer Deborah England.

So your defense might be that, in picking a spot on a secluded golf course in the middle of the night, you reasonably expected to go unnoticed. But other states take a tougher line. In Utah, for example, any public nudity is considered lewd, says Bob Morton, executive director of the Naturist Action Committee, an advocacy group. This is serious stuff, England says. Depending on the state, you could even be charged with a sex crime.

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Women want sex Country Club

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